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Our systems offer the highest packing density for GPU/Xeon Phi blades. Further Information: [SuperBlade® (eCatalog)]
You can also find the E5-2600 blade modules in our configurator!

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Blade assembly

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In many cases, not all available blades are needed immediately. They can also be fitted later, which keeps the initial investment low. You should therefore also specify the number of blades to be used initially.

System description

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Please specify how you want to use your blade system, e.g.:
o HPC Compute Cluster with Headnode, Fileserver and Compute Nodes
o Company system with domain controller, Fileserver, Webserver, Mailserver, ...
o High availability database system with ...
o ...

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Further information regarding application area, requirements, reliability, performance, etc., so that we can make you the best possible offer

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