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Blade Configurator Manual


  1. Step 1: Overview
  2. Step 2: Enclosure selection & configuration
  3. Step 3: Blade selection & configuration
  4. Step 4: Create your inquiry

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  • If you're still unsure what a BladeServer is please follow this Link to get to our comprehensive explanations about MicroBlades, SuperBlades and High Density systems in general.
  • On the help page you will finds links to the categories of high density systems with correlating information about these systems
  • As you can see this tutorial starts with the enclosure configuration, nevertheless you can also start with the blade configuration first if you want
  • Please be aware that you're only able to configure one enclosure at a time in our configurator. To configure more than one you need to finish your current configuration and add it to your cart and restart the blade configurator.

  1. Which enclosure you should choose solely depends on the requirements you have set. Depending on the enclosure you can choose different power supplies, ethernet switches, management modules and blades.
    Our recommendation is that at first you should check how many blades and what kind of network interconnect you need. The corresponding enclosures, network modules and blades are listed in the MicroBlade or SuperBlade Matrix.
    A big advantage of blade systems is their modularity. Which means that you can easy change parts later on.
  2. If you have found a suitable enclosure you will be redirected to the enclosure configuration page, here you can the switch modules, power supplies etc. You will also be able to add external rackmount network switches, a USV, extended hardware warranty and support to your configuration.
    If you have special requirements or anything else please feel free to add them in our commentary section. When you are done with configuring the enclosure click on "ADD TO CONFIGURATION". You will be redirected to the list of compatible blades.

  1. As mentioned earlier you will now see a list of blades that are compatible with your enclosure. If you are searching for specific traits that your blades should have we suggest you to use our product filters on the left. Another help for you are the short descriptions of the blades. In them you will find information about the compatible processors, the maximum RAM Capacity and other features.
  2. When you are done choosing a blade you will be redirected to its dedicated configuration page. There you will be able to decide on the CPU and RAM configuration you want to use. After you can choose the storage technology that should be used in the blade and if you want it pre-installed with software.
    If you are in need of several blades to be configured exactly the same you can set the amount of the blade your are configuring to the number of blades you need. If you need several different blades you can finalize your current blade and then add more until you got the amount you need.

  1. After you've finished configuring all your blades you can add the complete configuration to your request list by clicking "PLACE REQUEST".
  2. After this you'll be redirected to your complete request list. If you don't need more servers you can finalize this request by filling in your information and creating an inquiry. One of our employees will contact you as soon as possible to clear any open question. If you need more systems you just have to return to the wbebhop