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Don't miss the future, 2020/2021 are the years of digital transformation

Big Data Analytics will greatly improve the business decisions of your company. In conjunction with IIOT, the existing competitive landscape will change a lot but not everyone will land on the winning side. The first shifts, in which companies suddenly face each other as competitors with their customers or suppliers, are already emerging.

What are the key factors to becoming a successful winner?

It is very important not to waste time to make the most of the big change. It is very important to establish the best competitive team of innovative analysts and make decisions quickly. In addition, previous working methods and devices must be put to the test and, if necessary, adapted to the requirements. Make sure not to waste time to take early advantage of the big change. Your company needs the best team of innovative analysts to stay ahead of the competition. In addition, previous working methods and devices must be put to the test and, if necessary, adapted to the new requirements.

What do you need to know about the necessary infrastructure?

Capture of data in real time

Include traditional data from transactions and unconventional data such as from social media, server logs, webserver clickstreams, mobile phone itemized billets or sensor information from wind turbines, highway sensors, etc.

Data Storage

For good reason Big Data is on everyone's lips. In many cases, many gigabytes, petabytes or exabytes of structured and unstructured data have to be stored. However, this alone is not enough, the data must be available in shortest time, which requires low latencies for read and write processes and fast network connections.

Compute servers are replacing CPUs by GPU processors.

Data evaluations have been done so far by CPUs which is no longer suitable for today's data analysis speed requirements. The required performance can only be achieved through the use of GPU prozessors which are promissing even better growthrates in future.

Networks with data transfer speeds of up to 100 Gb/s

Since today's GPU processors have an extremely high processing speed and can also be parallelized up to 16-fold, there is a risk that the data transfer speed is not sufficient to ensure a smooth, continuous data supply, resulting in the particularly high demand to fast data storage and data networks.

Software libraries and software customizations

So that all system components listed so far can cooperate reasonably and efficiently, corresponding software libraries are necessary, which make necessary exclamations of prefabricated software solutions possible and are as far as possible widespread. As we currently see no other efficient solution, we recommend the use of NVIDIA CUDA and RAPIDS, which is supported by most application software vendors. This makes one of the largest solution choices available.

What type of Partner should you choose for Digital Transformation? May we help you??

Our company has extensive experience in High Performance Computing (HPC) and serves a very large clientele in the areas of teaching and research, industry, federal and state agencies. We operate worldwide, with a focus on EMA, D-A-CH.

As an NVIDIA Elite partner and Supermicro system partner, we have qualified as a solution partner in the areas of machine learning, deep learning, data analytics and HPC.

We provide their analysts, developers, and strategic planners with the tools to ensure their success. We can be your partner for many years, because we have proven that for a long time.

For many years, we have been offering the best and most powerful workstation, server and HPC cluster solutions that are fully operational as complete ECO systems. Access to perfectly configured software and containers, including deep learning and machine learning frameworks as well as partner software from BlazingDB,, Kinetica, MapR, MIT and OmniSci, etc., which are continuously maintained, enable their employees concentrate fully on the actual work, which saves a considerable amount of money.

sysGen Data Science workstations have the power to transform huge amounts of data into insights. Combining the extreme power of Quadro RTX GPUs with the accelerated CUDA-X AI Data Science software, they are the pinnacle of the next generation of fully integrated data science workstations.

To get the most out of data analytics, the processing speed of the data must be high-speed, as it is the only way to respond to real-time or real-time predictive predictions and recommendations. How to achieve maximum benefit.

Technological change is taking place at such a rapid pace that there is no time to waste adapting to the changes required. Here we can and want to be a competent partner, who can bring you in a short time, at reasonable cost in the best possible starting position or in future expansions well-advised and cost-optimal to further upgrade.

It is very important not to waste time and make use of technological change. Give your analysts the tools you need to succeed. We promise to be a good partner with a long HPC experience in the research and industrial sectors.

sysGen Data Science workstations More Info @ OmniSci

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