​​​​​The world has changed fundamentally and cloud computing is permanently changing the conventional way companies think about the use and planning of important IT resources. Companies need solutions to be able to access often sensitive data quickly and securely, regardless of location.

There are many good reasons for a cloud solution, including: Saving resources and costs, increasing cost-effectiveness, increasing flexibility and remote data access anytime and anywhere, provided a stable Internet connection is available. Put your employees at the center of the workplace with a hybrid approach that enables a seamless experience across all workspaces. Also, provide all knowledge workers with access to necessary applications and data, regardless of where they are located.

Did you know that sysGen offers hosting, colocation or managed services solutions for data centers? This includes our highly efficient and secure partner data center in Bremen. No? Then it's time we talked and learned more about each other.


Data center

A modern data center structure hosted in Germany generally leads to increased data security and flexibility, enables significant cost savings and creates space for powerful IT.​​​​​​​


Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud allows you to reduce the cost of your own IT infrastructure and align costs with your actual user behavior.


Flexible IT structures are easy to manage and reduce costs. Environments can be provisioned at the push of a button, scaled flexibly and peak loads can be absorbed. In addition, IT resources freed up by automation can be
IT resources freed up by automation can be used optimally.


Cloud-native architectures enable agile development and fast release cycles.


Connecting cloud services, services and technologies creates new opportunities. Use the time you save to do what you do best - make money.

WaRUM Ist eine VDI-Lösung
​​​​​​​so wichtig?

Die sehr hohe Performance von NVIDIA GPU Prozessoren, kann von einzelnen Tasks oder Multitasking nicht mehr voll genutzt werden. Wie kommen Sie aber zu einer Lösung, die GPU Virtualisierung ermöglicht die Teilung physischer GPUs in viele virtualisierte GPUs, welche virtualisierten Servern, Workstations und PCs zugeordnet werden können? Die Lösung kommt von sysGen:
sysGen VDI-Lösungen ermöglichen  wird mit der breiteren Verfügbarkeit von mobilem Breitband, höherer Bandbreite, mehr Rechenleistung in modernen mobilen Geräten, höheren Bildschirmauflösungen und einem Trend zu BYOD in Unternehmen immer beliebter. Supermicro und Gigabyte VDI-Lösungen bieten die beste Benutzererfahrung für Remote-Mitarbeiter, indem sie NVIDIA-GPUs mit NVIDIA vGPU-Software nutzen.

Vereinheitlichung der Ressourcen des digitalen Arbeitsplatzes

Bieten Sie Desktop-übergreifend mehr Konsistenz, und ermöglichen Sie auch Anwendern in Zweigstellen Zugriff auf Applikationen.

Straffes Management von Compliance und Lizenzierung

Stellen Sie Anwendern das zur Verfügung, was sie für Ihre Arbeit brauchen, und behalten Sie dabei die externen Software-Installationen durch Nutzer genau im Griff.

Steigerung der Produktivität von Remote-Mitarbeitern

Versorgen Sie Remote-Anwender und BYOD-Nutzer mit Virtual Desktops und Applikationen, auf die sie problemlos von mehreren Geräten aus zugreifen können.


IT outsourcing is a sensitive topic for every company and requires a thorough examination of the requirements, needs and, of course, security. Because we at sysGen know: A company's data is a valuable asset and needs a safe home. An environment that is always available and grows with your tasks. Regardless of whether you plan your IT in the data center, in clouds or as a hybrid model, sysGen is there to advise you on the strategic decision.

We consistently apply our technologies, products and services to the tasks and goals of our customers. This is the only way to keep your data center fit for the future. Whether hosting, colocation, managed services or a short-term lease on a project basis:
Discover new perspectives for your digital future!

Perfectly tailored to your company and future-proof. This allows you to concentrate on your core business. Worries about your IT infrastructure are a thing of the past. We will be happy to advise you personally and provide you with an individual offer with the optimal variant, or configuration for you.

Implementing a VDI solution is a transformation process that brings together different IT assets and areas across the enterprise: desktops, applications, servers, data storage and networking. They all need to be combined to create a successful VDI implementation.

But what is VDI, anyway? The IT industry defines a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (abbreviated: VDI) as the "hosting" of desktop systems as a virtual workstation within so-called virtual machines (VM) that are operated on a central server. A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) enables users to work anytime, anywhere, and on any device with an Internet connection without compromising workstation performance or security. IT staff also benefit from compelling advantages.

By outsourcing your server rooms to an external data center in Bremen, Germany, you benefit from the highest security standards as well as a fast Internet connection at calculable prices and with optimal support from our competent service technicians. Exploit the full potential of state-of-the-art data center technology.
Choose from our colocation variants (rack housing) and take advantage of a wide range of connectivity, reliable services and smart pricing models so that you can concentrate fully on your core business. Together, we will pave the fast and secure way to a data center that is perfectly tailored to your business and future-proof.

In contrast to complete IT outsourcing, managed services offer the advantage that you can still retain full control over your IT infrastructure. Managed Services include not only the support, but also the operation of servers and (cloud) infrastructures.

Companies that have less budget available for their IT because their own core competencies lie in other areas can also benefit from managed services providers. It is significantly more lucrative to invest in secure and smoothly functioning IT than to have to "iron out" any errors or failures that occur afterwards.

Hybrid IT combines cloud usage with non-cloud computing components.

The use of a hybrid IT offers various potentials:
+ Applications and data can be moved back and forth between the data center and the public cloud.
+ The data center can be operated like a private cloud.
+ Om-prem infrastructures can be extended into the cloud.
+ The cloud can store backup copies.
+ Data from cloud apps is suitable for use cases involving AI.
+ The cloud can serve as a data center revovery site.
+ Enterprises can launch and drive IT projects faster.

Book your Space

Temporary rental with us at the "SG E-Center
Sometimes it just has to be a bit more. On a project basis, you can rent our Cloud Center for demanding tasks for a limited period of time. We provide you with one or more virtual workstations with the desired configurations for the period.

This option is particularly recommended for compute-intensive temporary projects for which the purchase of complete GPU and storage servers and the corresponding solutions is too cost-intensive. In this context, we talk about Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), where the entire responsibility of hardware and software is outsourced to us as the provider. In this case, the virtual desktops are hosted by us in the cloud of the "SG E-Cloud".

You benefit from:
  • ready set up workstations
  • no need to purchase expensive GPU and storage servers
  • temporary rental for the duration of the project
  • no follow-up costs
  • professional programs and platforms
  • technical support.

Book your Testdrive

We don't leave you alone with the hardware.
Start with a Proof of Concept (PoC) in the sysGen Compute Center "SG E-Center".
Our strength lies in the fact that we can offer you the full support of the major system manufacturers. Before you make a final decision, you can also do a POC (Proof of Concept) with us at sysGen "SG E-Center".
​​​​​​​To the request.




  • 2 meter thick reinforced concrete walls
  • RC6 high security doors and detector airlock
  • Permanent oxygen reduction
  • 10 security zones
  • Lightning protection class 1
  • 200 surveillance cameras
  • Earthquake and flood proof


  • Protection against electrostatic charge and electro-magnetic pulses
  • Three-factor authentication
    via pin code, transponder, biometrics
  • CO2 neutral and energy efficiency class A+++
  • ISO27001 Information Security Management
  • GDPR/DSGVO General Data Protection Regulation Compliance


  • Fiber optic cabling
    with OM4/OM5 10Gbit/s, 100Gbit/s and more
  • IP backbone
    with 100 Gigabit/s bandwidth
  • Direct connections to
    DECIX, AMSIX, LINX and China
  • EU data center standard
    DIN EN 50600 Class 4
  • US Data Center Standard
    TIA942 Tier 4