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Budget Details

The purpose of this specification is to provide maximum performance and best possible quality for a given budget.

You must select at least one Head Node . Only very large clusters use two or more head nodes.
Fill in the other fields for the head node specification only as far as it seems reasonable to you.

Specify the required size of the RAM (in GB total).

Compute Nodes

Please select the number of compute nodes. If you want to use different compute nodes in your cluster, select the total number here and enter a typical node. Please describe the variations of the other types.

If necessary, select the number and type of co-processors. The use of co-processors offers highest performance and lowest power consumption. However, your applications must be adapted or converted accordingly.


Please select the required type of filing system and specify the gross capacity. The quality of the interconnection is defined under Network.


Server Cabinets & Racks

Select rack type

Power supply

Cluster functionality

Customer OS installation

Basic service: 48 hours burn-in test, MAC address list, IPMI configuration, Linux test system.
You can extend the scope of services up to turnkey delivery.

Operating system

Compilers and tools


Please specify which compilers should be installed.

Workload and resource management

Note: System utilization depends on the workload, system architecture, process, and organizational complexity and may vary from the values listed.

Management integration includes reporting and order submission with existing clusters


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