AI is driving change in every industry around the world. As businesses increasingly rely on data, demand for AI technology is on the rise. From speech recognition and recommendation systems to medical imaging and improved supply chain management, AI is providing companies with the computing power, tools and algorithms their teams need to get the job done.

Inspiration for the world's brightest minds

Dive into the world's greatest AI achievements and learn what drives the people behind them.

AI with the heart of a composer

AI innovations for safe driving

A new weapon in the fight against cancer

Increased transparency in the supply chains

Realizing GENIAL ideas withKI and data science

Preventing diseases. Building smart cities. Revolutionize analytics. These are just a few things that are possible today with AI, Deep Learning, and data science, powered by accelerated NVIDIA computing. Companies can use these technologies to turn previously impossible ideas into real results.

Data Analytics

Iterate and deploy analytics models faster and more frequently while significantly reducing infrastructure costs.

Drone Scanning Wind Turbine

Machine learning

Use GPU-accelerated libraries and primitives to train and deploy highly optimized machine learning pipelines.


Accelerate your AI development with NVIDIA LaunchPad

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to image classification with TensorFlow and more.


Implementation of AI solutions for any industry

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Driving the next era of analytics and AI

Apache Spark is a powerful execution engine for large-scale parallel data processing across a cluster of machines, enabling rapid application development and high performance. With Spark 3.0, it is now possible to use GPUs to further accelerate Spark data processing.