NVIDIA Base Command™ supports any NVIDIA DGX™ system and enables enterprises to leverage the best of NVIDIA software innovation. This enables any enterprise to realize the full potential of their DGX investment with a proven platform that includes enterprise-grade orchestration and cluster management, libraries to accelerate compute, storage, and networking infrastructure, and system software to run AI workloads.

Faster ROI for AI infrastructure

The best of NVIDIA software

The same software that supports thousands of NVIDIA in-house developers, researchers, and AI experts is now available with every NVIDIA DGX system: world-class developer software, infrastructure management, and accelerated infrastructure libraries.

AI job scheduling and
workload orchestration

Base Command provides Kubernetes, Slurm, and Jupyter Notebook environments for DGX systems, delivering an easy-to-use, enterprise-proven scheduling and orchestration solution based on well-established enterprise standards.

Comprehensive cluster management

Full-featured cluster management automates end-to-end management of DGX systems, from a single node to thousands. Whether it's initial provisioning, OS and firmware updates, or real-time monitoring, your DGX, other GPU, CPU, and cloud nodes are covered.

Hardened and supported for
enterprise requirements

The complete Base Command software stack is optimized for DGX environments scalable from a single node to large clusters for maximum performance and productivity. TheNVIDIA AI Enterprise, a fully supported software suite optimized for optimizing AI development and deployment, is included with every DGX system.

Enabling your journey
to an AI Center of Excellence

DGX systems have always offered the highest performance and scalability. With Base Command, DGX hardware is paired with the software that puts the goals within reach. Base Command supports the enterprise AI journey, from the first system to a TOP500-class NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™.

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NVIDIA Base Command is available
with the purchase of NVIDIA DGX systems.