From AI and data analytics to high-performance computing (HPC) to rendering, data centers are key to solving some of the most important challenges. The end-to-end NVIDIA accelerated computing platform, integrated across hardware and software, gives enterprises the blueprint to a robust, secure infrastructure that supports develop-to-deploy implementations across all modern workloads.

The NVIDIA Unified Platform

With the NVIDIA Accelerated Computing Platform, built on three next-generation architectures for GPU, DPU, and CPU, you can redefine the data center for the age of AI. With leading-edge technologies that span performance, security, networking, and more, these architectures are ready to take on any challenge of the modern data center.
Data Center GPU CPU and DPU

Architectures for the modern data center

Hopper H100 GPU

Hopper GPU architecture

The NVIDIA Hopper™ architecture drives the next generation of accelerated computing with unprecedented performance, scalability and security for any data center. With the ability to securely scale diverse workloads - from small business to exascale HPC and AI with trillions of parameters - Hopper enables brilliant innovators to fulfill their life's work at the fastest pace in human history.
Grace H100 CPU

Grace CPU architecture

The NVIDIA Grace™ architecture is designed for a new breed of data centers - AI factories that process and refine big data to produce intelligence. These data centers run a variety of workloads, from AI training and inference to high-performance computing (HPC) to data analytics, digital twins, cloud graphics and gaming, as well as thousands of hyperscale cloud applications.
Bluefield DPU

BlueField DPU Architecture

The NVIDIA® BlueField® Data Processing Unit (DPU) brings unprecedented innovation to data centers and supercomputing infrastructures. By offloading, accelerating, and isolating a wide range of advanced networking, storage, and security services, BlueField DPUs provide a secure and accelerated infrastructure for any workload in any environment, from the cloud to the data center to the edge.


Secure and agile server, storage, network and management solutions and services that deliver a unified experience and cost control in your own data center or hybrid cloud data center infrastructure. Get the most out of your IT infrastructure by combining cloud capabilities with on-premises data centers.
WHEREAS, hybrid cloud helps enterprises accelerate digital transformation and get the most out of the performance of your applications and data. Data center infrastructure solutions that include servers, data storage, networking components, management, and services provide the security, agility, and economics needed in your data center to support any workload. With the Solutions for software-defined infrastructure from sysGen you get the best of both worlds without compromise.


With cloud-based GPU solutions, enterprises can access high-density compute resources and high-performance virtual workstations anytime, anywhere without having to set up a physical data center.
Workstation PC Monitor


From virtual desktops, applications and workstations to optimized containers in the cloud, data scientists, researchers and developers can perform GPU-accelerated AI and data analytics at their desktops.
Data Center

To the data center...

GPU-accelerated data centers deliver breakthrough performance for compute and graphics workloads at any scale and with fewer servers, resulting in faster insights and dramatically lower costs. Sensitive data can be stored, processed, and analyzed while maintaining operational security.

To the edge

AI at the edge needs a scalable, accelerated platform that can make decisions in real time and enable every industry to bring automated intelligence to the point of action - in stores, in manufacturing, in hospitals, in smart cities.

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From AI and data analytics toHigh-Performance Computing (HPC)to rendering, data centers are key to solving some of the most critical challenges. NVIDIA's end-to-end accelerated computing platform, integrated across hardware and software, provides enterprises with the blueprint for a robust, secure infrastructure that supports develop-to-deploy deployments across all modern workloads.

For each workload

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Every day, organizations generate and collect unprecedented amounts of data, and this vast amount of information represents a missed opportunity for those not using GPU-accelerated analytics. The more data you have, the more you can learn.
Deep Learning Inferenz

KI Training

Deep learning datasets are growing in size and complexity, with workloads such as conversational AI, recommendation systems, and computer vision becoming more common across industries. The NVIDIA data center platform, including hardware and software, significantly accelerates AI training, resulting in highly productive data science teams, significant cost savings, and faster ROI.
AI in Consumer Internet

AI Inference

Accelerating inference workloads in the data center requires an agile, elastic infrastructure that can scale out and utilize every bit of compute resources available. With new technologies like Multi-Instance GPU (MIG), NVIDIA solutions are uniquely positioned to accelerate inference workloads like image recognition, recommender systems and natural language processing, providing the highest throughput and real-time responsiveness needed to bring AI to applications...
Renderd Image brush and paint tube


Designers and artists across industries need to produce high-quality content faster than ever before, but productivity is limited by inefficient CPU-based rendering solutions. NVIDIA RTX™ Server breaks through the limitations of costly CPU render farms. The highly flexible reference design can be configured with NVIDIA software and leading third-party software to accelerate even the most complex rendering workloads.

High-Performance Computing

HPC is one of the most important tools driving the advancement of science in the data center. Optimizing over 700 applications across a wide range of domains, NVIDIA GPUs are the engine of the modern HPC data center. By delivering breakthrough performance with fewer servers, resulting in faster insights and dramatically lower costs, the NVIDIA data center platform paves the way for scientific discovery.
Virtualization Images


NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions support the modern, virtualized data center, delivering scalable, graphics-rich virtual desktops and workstations with NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software. Capable of running compute-intensive server workloads, including AI, deep learning, data science, and HPC on a virtual machine, these solutions also leverage the benefits of improved manageability and security.