One-third of the 30 million data center servers shipped each year are used with the software-defined data center stack. Enterprises must evolve their network infrastructure to support the exponentially increasing amount of data processing driven by modern data center workloads.

Our accelerated networking solutions offer a choice between InfiniBand and Ethernet, providing enterprises with the infrastructure to support from design to deployment deployments across all modern workloads and data storage requirements. This enables a new era of accelerated computing to maximize AI investments.

Latest news about the network

Project Monterey on NVIDIA LaunchPad

Project Monterey is now available on NVIDIA LaunchPad, providing fast access to VMware ESXi-optimized software. This can be run with infrastructure accelerated on a BlueField DPU to test next-generation applications and workloads.


NVIDIA announced the next generation of its Spectrum platform, which uses Spectrum-4 Ethernet fabrics to deliver the highest performance with the lowest latency while reducing network footprint.


The new converged accelerators integrate NVIDIA Hopper, the next-generation data center GPU, and NVIDIA's 400 GB/s ConnectX® network adapter to deliver unprecedented performance and scalability for I/O-intensive applications

Advantages Of Accelerated Networking Solutions

Security And Transparency For The Entire Network

The demand for data is driving an increasingly distributed and complex network environment, making data visualization and isolation essential security features for any data center.

Our networking solutions enhance security, simplify data center automation, and provide complete visibility into your network.

Full Stack Solutions Provider

We offer an all-around application for networking. From hardware (switches, NICs, interconnects) to software (OS, management, firmware) and support, our broad portfolio meets your networking needs.

Beyond networking, our ecosystem ensures compatibility with other NVIDIA products as well as key partner and OEM offerings.

Offload + Performance For Server And Data Storage

Whether you're accelerating applications with InfiniBand or RoCE, or isolating critical workloads via DPU, our software-defined, hardware-accelerated offerings allow you to use your compute and data storage resources for applications, not network management.


The NVIDIA® BlueField data processing unit (DPU) is an advanced data center infrastructure on a chip that provides accelerated, software-defined networking, data storage, security, and management services.

High-speed Ethernet

We offer efficient cloud-scale switches for data centers of any size with an operating model optimized for automation, best-in-class performance, and hardware-accelerated network visibility.

InfiniBand For HPC

The seventh generation NVIDIA InfiniBand architecture with NDR 400 GB/s provides AI developers and researchers with the fastest network performance available to tackle the world's most challenging tasks.

Develop the future of networking


Accelerates the development of networking, storage, and security applications and services on BlueField DPUs.


With this software development kit (SDK), developers can start scaling their applications on a laptop, desktop, workstation, or in the cloud.

NVIDIA Morpheus

Provides cybersecurity teams with complete visibility into security threats.