NVIDIA AI-on-5G is a unified platform that brings together AI and 5G developments at the edge to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises across all industries. 5G provides the underlying connectivity for billions of devices and extends the reach of AI algorithms and applications to all connected objects at the network edge, enabling new use cases and new markets.

Edge AI acceleration via 5G

NVIDIA AI-on-5G consists of the NVIDIA EGX™ enterprise platform, the NVIDIA Aerial™ SDK for software-defined 5G virtual wireless networks (vRANs), and enterprise AI applications, including SDKs such as NVIDIA Isaac™ and NVIDIA Metropolis™. This solution can be deployed on-premises and managed by enterprises or managed by hyperscalers such as Google Cloud.

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NVIDIA certified servers

With NVIDIA's Certified Systems™ on NVIDIA EGX, enterprises can deploy scalable hardware and software that securely and optimally run their modern workloads. EGX delivers the power of accelerated computing from the data center to the edge with a suite of optimized hardware, easy-to-deploy application and management software, and an extensive ecosystem of compatible partners.

5G connectivity

NVIDIA Aerial is a programmable, O-RAN fronthaul-compliant, Kubernetes-based, cloud-native, and scalable platform for 5G vRAN. Its cuVNF and cuBB SDKs provide highly programmable signal processing for the physical layers. Aerial is part of the EGX software stack and provides connectivity and networking to support AI applications.

AI applications

From intelligent video analytics and smart sensors to conversational AI and robotics, the NVIDIA NGC™ catalog offers a wide range of GPU-accelerated software. These AI applications cover the most important AI and data science use cases for every industry and are tuned, tested, and optimized to run on NVIDIA Certified Systems™.