Intelligent computing for healthcare

Accelerated computing and AI are giving a huge boost to next-generation medical devices and advanced biomedical research. With a platform for imaging, genomics, patient monitoring, and drug discovery that can be deployed anywhere - from edge-embedded to any cloud - NVIDIA Clara™ in healthcare provides the opportunity to innovate and accelerate the path to precision medicine.

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NVIDIA Clara™ in healthcare and life sciences

Medical imaging

Clara Imaging is an application framework that enables developers and researchers to accelerate data annotation, build domain-specific AI models, and deliver intelligent imaging workflows with state-of-the-art, pre-trained models and reference applications to help you get started.

Clara Imaging


Clara Parabricks™ offers both enterprise and turnkey GPU-accelerated sequencing software and a technology stack that enables developers to build applications for high-performance computing, deep learning, and data analytics in genomics.

Clara Parabricks

Smart hospitals

Clara Guardian™ is an application framework that enables intelligent video analytics and conversational AI capabilities in healthcare, and facilitates the development and deployment of smart sensors for automated body temperature screening, protective mask detection, and remote patient monitoring.

Smart Hospitals

Drug development

Clara Discovery™ is a collection of frameworks, applications and AI models that together accelerate drug discovery and support research in genomics, microscopy, virtual screening, computational chemistry, visualization, clinical imaging and many more.

Clara Discovery

Accelerate AI model training with DGX

Training AI models with large data sets requires powerful compute performance. NVIDIA DGX™ systems are specifically designed to accelerate AI training times and lead to solutions faster.

Deploy AI easily with EGX

With the NVIDIA EGX™ edge computing platform, a variety of medical devices in multiple physical locations can be easily and securely managed remotely to meet data security and real-time information requirements.

Clara AGX Developer Kit

For medical devices that need to perform AI and advanced image, video, and signal processing in real time, the NVIDIA Clara AGX developer kit provides the ability to create end-to-end optimized workflows with advanced sampling for ultrasound video and endoscopy.