Transform the Data Center with NVIDIA DPUs

The NVIDIA® BlueField® data processing unit (DPU) ignites unprecedented innovation for modern data centers. By offloading, accelerating, and isolating a broad range of advanced networking, storage, and security services, BlueField DPUs provide a secure and accelerated infrastructure for any workload in any environment, from cloud to data center to edge. BlueField DPUs combine powerful computing, full infrastructure-on-chip programmability and high-performance networking for addressing the most demanding workloads.

Introducing the NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPU

Learn how NVIDIA BlueField 2 DPUs and VMware Cloud Foundation enable enterprises
​​​​​​​to accelerate the software-defined datacenter while securing next-generation applications.

The Benefits of BlueField

Security from the Perimeter to the Server

BlueField DPUs enable a zero-trust, security-everywhere architecture where security goes beyond the data center perimeter into the edge of the every server

Data Storage for the Expanding Workload

With NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF), GPUDirect Storage, encryption, elastic storage, data integrity, decompression, and deduplication, BlueField provides a high-performance storage access with latencies for remote storage that rival direct attached storage.

High-Performance, Efficient Networking

BlueField is a powerful data center services accelerator, delivering up to 400 gigabits per second (Gb/s) of Ethernet and InfiniBand connectivity for both traditional applications and modern GPU-accelerated workloads while freeing host CPU cores to run applications instead of infrastructure tasks.

Software-Defined Infrastructure

The NVIDIA DOCA software development kit (SDK) enables developers to easily create high-performance, software-defined, cloud-native, DPU-accelerated services, leveraging industry-standard APIs.

NVIDIA’s Leading Portfolio of DPUs

NVIDIA BlueField-2-DPU

NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU provides innovative acceleration, security, and efficiency in every host. BlueField-2 data center infrastructure combines the power of the ConnectX-6 Dx with programmable Arm cores and hardware offloads for software-defined storage, networking, security, and management workloads. 

NVIDIA BlueField-2 delivers superior performance, security, and reduced TCO for cloud computing platforms, enabling organizations to efficiently build and operate virtualized, containerized and bare-metal infrastructures at massive scale.

Bluefiled-2 Image

NVIDIA BlueField-2X AI-Powered DPU

Introducing the first AI-powered DPU: NVIDIA BlueField-2X. This advanced DPU includes all the key features of BlueField-2 enhanced with the AI capabilities of an NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU. Using NVIDIA’s third-generation Tensor Cores, it’s able to power AI for real-time security and management analytics, including identifying abnormal traffic that could indicate theft of confidential data, host introspection to identify malicious activity, and dynamic security orchestration with automated response. BlueField-2X enables line-rate analysis of encrypted traffic, connection tracking, and adaptive telemetry. 

Bluefield-2X Image

NVIDIA BlueField-3-DPU

NVIDIA BlueField-3 is the first 400Gb/s / NDR DPU with line-rate processing of software-defined networking, storage, and cybersecurity. BlueField-3 combines powerful computing, high-speed networking and extensive programmability to deliver software-defined, hardware-accelerated solutions for the most demanding workloads. From accelerated AI computing, to hybrid cloud, to cloud-native supercomputing and 5G wireless networks, BlueField-3 redefines the art of the possible.

Bluefield-3 Image

Supporting DPU Technology Environments

Converged Accelerators

NVIDIA converged accelerators combine the powerful performance of the NVIDIA Ampere architecture with the enhanced security and latency-reduction capabilities of the NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU. Hospitals, stores, warehouses, factories, airports, and other enterprises can use converged accelerators to create faster, more efficient, and secure AI systems in data centers and at the edge.

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Data Center Infrastructure on a Chip Architecture

The NVIDIA DOCA software framework, available from the NVIDIA NGC™ catalog, enables developers to program the data center infrastructure of tomorrow by creating high-performance, software-defined, cloud-native, DPU-accelerated services, increasing performance and security capabilities. 

DOCA provides a flexible environment for developing containerized applications and services that run on NVIDIA BlueField DPUs, while leveraging embedded hardware accelerators and programmable engines to boost performance.

Chip Architecture Image

Optimized Servers for Modern Workloads

NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ designed for the NVIDIA EGX™ platform deliver true multi-node scaling with NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPUs and BlueField DPUs. Available through NVIDIA partners, the EGX platform is optimized and tested by NVIDIA to run modern AI workloads with built-in security, such as in-line crypto, secure boot, and air-gapped isolation. And with the NVIDIA DOCA SDK, third-party application providers can leverage advanced data center acceleration on NVIDIA-Certified Systems to develop, certify, and distribute applications to end customers. 

DPU Image

AI Framework for Cybersecurity Providers

NVIDIA Morpheus is an AI application framework that provides cybersecurity developers with a highly optimized AI pipeline and pre-trained AI capabilities that bring a new level of security to data centers. 

The Morpheus framework provides highly scalable and adaptive data ingest, pre-trained AI models, and policy control functions, enabling cybersecurity developers to detect and remediate security threats.

Ai Framework Image


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