High Performance Computing (HPC) is one of the most important tools advancing simulation science. And the universe of scientific computing has expanded in all directions.

From weather forecasting and energy to computational fluid dynamics and life sciences: Researchers are combining traditional simulations with artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, Big Data analytics, and edge computing to explore the mysteries of the world around us.

HPC in every industry

NVIDIA GPUs optimize more than 700 applications across a wide range of industries and domains. Learn how GPUs help solve complex problems and transform the work of the global research community.
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Understanding our universe, exploring particle phsics, simulating and predicting climate and weather patterns.

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Healthcare and life sciences

Drug development. Detect genetic mutations, analyze images, enable faster and more accurate diagnostic methods.

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Generate energy. Refining and distributing petroleum. Reduce environmental impact.

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Public sector

Cyber security. Disaster management. Humanitarian aid, facial recognition software, speech recognition and translation.


Discover the possibilities

Here we present a small selection of suitable HPC computing solutions.
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Simulation and modeling, HPC + AI, and scientific visualization elements are used in a variety of industries - from scientific research to financial modeling. These workloads allow professionals to actually do their life's work in their lifetime with the help of high-performance computing and NVIDIA GPUs.

Simulation and modeling

Simulation and modeling is used in a variety of industries to address real-world challenges, including pharmaceuticals, finance, scientific research, and engineering.


With the help of AI, large-scale simulations can be performed in HPC in a feasible timeframe, enabling researchers to make faster scientific progress.

Scientific visualization

Scientific visualization makes it possible to analyze large data sets and gain important insights from simulation and modeling.


To meet the ever-increasing demands for higher computing performance due to the increasing complexity of scientific problems, NVIDIA is developing the next-generation accelerated data center platform.

Using GPU-based parallel processing, users can run advanced, large-scale application programs efficiently, reliably, and quickly. NVIDIA networks provide scalability for multiple compute nodes and enable parallel and synchronized compute cycles.

NVIDIA compute and networking technologies act as the engine of the modern HPC data center. They provide a significant boost in performance and scalability, paving the way for scientific discovery.