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Virtual Desktop / Workstation

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Desktop virtualization

Desktop virtualization in a company is the consistent further development of server and storage virtualization. In addition to individual components such as graphics cards, virtualization now mainly involves the entire work environment or desktop in the data center.

Central Idea

The approach of virtual infrastructure solutions is that companies simplify their IT and optimize their investments in IT systems. This should make it possible to react more quickly and flexibly to business requirements. A more flexible IT infrastructure is to increase the productivity of employees and their service levels.

VDI - Virtual Desktop and Workstation Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) stands for the mobile way we will work in the future. Dedicated employees need their complete, familiar working environment always exactly where they are. And no matter where, it should be a quiet workspace. Our VDI solutions combine quiet workstations with the extreme performance of supercomputers by providing shared GPGPU processor performance to superusers over the network, including Internet-wide. Banish the noisy "Tiger" to the server room. sysGen supports the following technologies:

  • NVIDIA GRID solutions based on CITRIX, VMware and Microsoft
  • AMD VDI solutions based on PCoIP (PC over IP) and Teradici zero clients
  • AMD VDI solutions based on CITRIX, VMware and Microsoft

In addition to the appropriate server or workstation hardware, sysGen also offers the corresponding end devices such as zero clients.

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