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GigaIO FabreX AIC Resource Box

GigaIO AIC Resource Box

Enclosure 19"W x 18.5" D x 7" H (4U)
Supports up to 10 total full-height, full-length PCUe slots, or 8 double wide GPUs
Supports extended height cards and top GPU power cables
Power and fan status bi-color LED panel
Cables Connect to the FabreX Adapter Card Copper or Active Optical Caple
Cooling Three 120mm x 38mm fans mounted to the front bezel of the chassis
Two standard fan options, perfect GPU or FPGA accelerator
High-capacity, variable speed (PWM) Fans:
  • Three 180CFM fixed-speed fans with tachometer monitoring via front panel LED
Power Several options for the 10-slots available for expansion. the supplies are mounted inside the back panel of the chassis
Redundant Power
  • Dual redundant 1000-2000W 80 PLus Platinum supply shared among all backplnes in the enclosure

Split Power:
  • Dual 1620W 80Plus Platinum supply for use with 2 separate backplanes zones

Aux Power:
  • Up to 8 EPS12V 8-pin 12V aux power cables
Operating Environment 0 to 35?C, 10 to 90% relative humidity, 0 to 10,000 feet above sea level
Storage Environment -40 to 85?C, 5 to 96% relative humidity, 0 to 50,000 above sea level