The Network for software defined infrastructure

High Performance Fabric based on PCIE

GigaIO FabreX is a fundamentally new network architecture that integrates computing, storage and other communication I/O into a single-system cluster fabric, using industry standard PCI Express technology. PCIe is used internally to power virtually every server on the market today. GigaIO enables true host-to-host communication across PCIe and makes true cluster scale networking possible, with direct memory access by an individual server to system memories of all other servers in the cluster fabric, for the industry’s first in-memory network.
The rapid pace of change in acceleration technology and AI software fuels the necessity for flexible and easy to upgrade architectures, capable of incorporating new technology without demanding forklift upgrades to expensive equipment. This means disaggregating elements of the traditional server into separate pieces that can be easily shared. But, in order to effectively disaggregate storage and accelerators, the interconnects must support both an exceptionally low latency AND high bandwidth.

Faster, Safer, Cheaper, with Low Latency

This new architecture enables a hyper-performance network with a unified, software-defined, composable infrastructure. With its exceptional low latency and high bandwidth, FabreX makes the disaggregation of storage and accelerators possible. And by offering standard Redfish APIs, leading third-party orchestration and composition software can easily run on FabreX, making a true software defined infrastructure that dynamically assigns resources to match changing workloads. Gone are the days of having to make massive and costly changes to large numbers of servers to incorporate new technology. Upgrade or add compute, storage and application accelerators at the component level that plug-n-play with your environment. Every major subsystem can now operate on its own upgrade cycle. And the total cost of the system is optimized as FabreX drives much higher utilization of the resources.

Distinctive Features

  • Delivering a substantial increase in resource utilization combined with flexible, software defined, dynamic configurability for operators
  • 100% PCIe complaint -- network
  • Integrate easily into existing software applications & infrastrucure as well as greenfield deployments
  • Open platform with DMTF Redfish API support

Extreme Flexibility

FabreX can unite an unprecedented variety of resources, connecting accelerators of all types including GPUs, TPUs, FPGAs and SoCs to other compute elements or storage devices, such as NVMe, PCIe native storage, and other I/O resources. FabreX can span multiple servers and multiple racks to scale up single-host systems and scale out multi-host systems, all unified via the FabreX software.

By relying on the PCIe interface, FabreX makes other network interfaces redundant. Connect JBoG, JBoF and other PCIe based hardware extensions to your network and scale them out easily. FabreX makes your Network design more modular than any other network interface on the market. Relay resources to where they are needed.

FabreX™ Single-Host Structure

FabreX™ Mid Level Multi Server Config (multi Host)

FabreX™ Performance config (multi host)

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