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GPU accelerated Applications and their fields of use

GPU Accelerated applications and computing has revolutionized a broad range of industries with over five hundred applications optimized for NVIDIA Graphics Processing Units to help you accelerate your work.

Computational Finance

Application name Company Product Description Supported Features GPU scaling
Accelerated Computing Engine Elsen Secure, accessible, and accelerated backtesting, scenario analysis, risk analytics and real-time trading designed for easy integration and rapid development.
  • Web-like API with Native bindings for Python, R, Scala, C
  • Custom models and data streams are easy to add
Multi-GPU Single Node
Adaptiv Analytics SunGard A flexible and extensible engine for fast calculations of a wide variety of pricing and risk measures on a broad range of asset classes and derivatives.
  • Existing models code in C# supported transparently, with minimal code changes
  • Supports multiple backends including CUDA and OpenCL
  • Switches transparently between multiple GPUs and CPUS depending on the deal support and load factors
Multi-GPU Single Node
Alea.cuBase F# QuantAlea’s F# package enabling a growing set of F# capability to run on a GPU
  • F# for GPU accelerators
Multi-GPU Single Node
Esther Global Valuation In-memory risk analytics system for OTC portfolios with a particular focus on XVA metrics and balance sheet simulations.
  • High quality models not admitting closed form solutions
  • Efficient solvers based on full matrix linear algebra powered by GPUs and Monte Carlo algorithms
Multi-GPU Single Node
Global Risk MISYS Regulatory compliance and enterprise wide risk transparency package
  • Risk analytics
Multi-GPU Single Node
Hybridizer C# Altimesh Multi-target C# framework for data parallel computing.
  • C# with translation to GPU or MultiCore Xeon
Multi-GPU Single Node
MACS Analytics Library Murex Analytics library for modeling valuation and risk for derivatives across multiple asset classes
  • Market standard models for all asset classes paired with the most efficient resolution methods (Monte Carlo simulations and Partial Differential Equations)
Multi-GPU Single Node
MiAccLib 2.0.1 Hanweck Associates Accelerated libraries which encompasses high speed multi-algorithm search engines, data security engine and also video analytics engines for text processing, encryption/decryption and video surveillance respectively
  • Text Processing: Exact Match, Approximate\Similarity Text, Wild Card, MultiKeyword and MultiColumnMultiKeyword, etc
  • Data Security: Accelerated Encryption/Description for AES-128
  • Video Analytics: Accelerated Intrusion Detection Algorithm
NAG Numerical Algorithms Group Random number generators, Brownian bridges, and PDE solvers
  • Monte Carlo and PDE solvers
Single GPU Single Node
O-Quant options pricing O-Quant Offering for risk management and complex options / derivatives pricing using GPU
  • Cloud-based interface to price complex derivatives representing large baskets of equities
Multi-GPU Multi-Node
Oneview Numerix Numerix introduced GPU support for Forward Monte Carlo simulation for Capital Markets and Insurance
  • Equity/FX basket models with BlackScholes/Local Vol models for individual equities and FX
  • Algorithms: AAD (Automatic Algebraic Differential)
  • New approaches to AAD to reduce time to market for fast Price Greeks and XVA Greeks
Multi-GPU Multi-Node
Pathwise Aon Benfield Specialized platform for real-time hedging, valuation, pricing and risk management
  • Spreadsheet-like modeling interfaces, Python-based scripting environment, and Grid middleware
Multi-GPU Single Node
SciFinance SciComp, Inc Derivative pricing (SciFinance)
  • Monte Carlo and PDE pricing models
Single GPU Single Node
Synerscope Data Visualization Synerscope Visual big data exploration and insight tools
  • Graphical exploration of large network datasets including geo-spatial and temporal components
Single GPU Single Node
Volera Hanweck Associates Real-time options analytical engine (Volera)
  • Real-time options analytics engine
Multi-GPU Single Node
Xcelerit SDK Xcelerit Software Development Kit (SDK) to boost the performance of Financial applications (e.g. Monte-Carlo, Finite-difference) with minimum changes to existing code.
  • C++ programming language, crossplatform (back-end generates CUDA and optimized CPU code), supports Windows and Linux operating systems
Multi-GPU Single Node

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