High Density Computing

Get more compute performance per footprint and save the environment ...

High density computing, up to 4x more compute performance per footprint

The rapidly growing use of analytical forecasting systems, big data analysis, AI and deep learning requires higher efficiency, significant cost savings and significant reductions in the environmental impact of data centers. High Performance Computing (HPC) is an important tool to balance IT budget, productivity and efficiency. For this, the computing power per rack space must be increased considerably.

Traditional data centers typically only have 3-4 KW of power per rack, which limits the number of highly compact servers that can be built into a rack. For the sensible use of high-density computing, however, a permanent power output of at least 10 - 12 KW is required in order to accommodate three times the number of servers on the same footprint. The new processor generations also have significantly more cores, which means that the increased use of virtualization enables a further improvement in relational performance/footprint.

The use of GPUs such as Tesla V100 can provide further performance boost with a moderate increase in power consumption. Graphics processors are thus a core component of high-density computing

However, it must be borne in mind that high-density computing requires additional floor space and effort to provide higher performance racks and compensate for the required additional cooling capacity.

Advantages of High Density Computing

The advantages of a high-density data center include:

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve growth opportunities through significantly more efficient use of space. In the next few years, the volume of data to be processed will double or triple.
  • Increase efficiency by maximizing power and cooling to get the highest performance per footprint and energy consumption. High Density Data Center management tools are optimized for operating servers with maximum efficiency. High Density Compute maximizes both performance and cooling to get the most out of each footprint and reduce total cost of ownership. High-density data center management tools are optimized for operating servers with maximum efficiency.
  • Outstanding, flexible storage solutions (NVMe/SAS/SATA, HDD/SSD/DOM)
  • Continuous monitoring and control via remote management

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