Art.-Nr.: filter_processor-type-silver

Processor selection


There is a different need for processor performance. The performance increases with the clock rate and the number of data cores of the processor. A further increase can be achieved by the use of 2, 4 or 8 processors in a single server using 1-, 2-,4- or 8-way processors.

  • Platinum processors
    Up to 8 CPUs per System (8-way)

  • Gold processors
    Up to 4 CPUs per System (4-way)

  • Silver processors
    , up to 2 CPUs per System (2-way)

  • Bronze processors
    Up to 2 CPUs per System (2-way), entry Performance
Mit Auswahl und Betätigung des CPU-Schalters wird die entsprechende Prozessorgruppe mit den auswählbaren Prozessoren angezeigt.