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IT infrastructure Monitoring

IT infrastructure MONITORING

If your business model requires highly available IT systems, comprehensive monitoring of all system components is an absolute must. sysGen has many years of experience in monitoring complex system architectures.

If errors occur, they are logged, analyzed according to hazard class and escalated according to the risk potential. Depending on the contract, notifications are sent to sysGen Technik and/or customer employees.

sysGen Satellite

Under the name sysGen Satellite Monitoring Appliances, we offer turnkey solutions, consulting and service for monitoring complete system landscapes.

sysGen Satellite monitoring systems consist of pre-configured monitoring solutions based on Icinga 2 with its own extensions. They are also suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. They can prevent or at least reduce outages that can lead to downtime in departments and operations. Proactive sysGen monitoring solutions secure companies.


  • Secure communication via SSL encryption
  • Multithreaded Design for Efficient Monitoring
  • Highly available (HA) configuration possible, if one monitoring server fails another server takes over all tasks completely self-sufficiently
  • Load balancing between monitoring servers for efficient processing of inspection tasks
  • User administration with graduated authorizations
  • Dedicated and resource-efficient agent for Linux and Windows clients
  • Graphical user interface (Web) for displaying cluster and health status
  • Notification of previously defined recipients (email) in the event of malfunctions or failures
  • Load balancing between monitoring servers for efficient execution of audit tasks
  • Planning Down Times in which a host/device is not checked
  • Reported problems can be confirmed and annotated


A prerequisite for monitoring is, of course, that the components to be monitored can react intelligently to "requests" and report requested data. sysGen Satellite System monitors the following components, among others (small excerpt):

  • Network switches (availability, power supply status, port counter)
  • UPS (availability, load, overload, battery status)
  • PDU - Intelligent socket strips (accessibility, load, overload, if necessary also connected sensors)
  • Monitoring with IPMI (accessibility, temperature, fan, power supply status, etc.)
  • Clients with installed agent
    • Accessibility / capacity utilization
    • Hardware/Software RAID Monitoring / Hard Disk Monitoring (e.g. SMART)
    • Hard disk usage (local MountPoints)
    • Memory error (with ECC memory)
    • Service monitoring (e.g. ssh, apache, dhcp, dns, nfs, vpn, samba, etc.)
    • Graphics cards (temperature, memory error, load, fan)
    • Log monitoring for specific entries/events
  • Further sensors whose outputs are reported e.g. by a cluster cabinet or a monitoring unit with sensors (temperature / humidity) and are available via network.
  • Further evaluations after technical examination and agreement
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