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January 2019, Faculty of High Energy Physics at Bielefeld University receives new GPU-HPC cluster

With 3.5 peta-flop processing power, a 2.4 petabyte BeeGFS parallel file system networked via EDR Infiniband in a non-blocking 1: 1 configuration and the "sysGen Cluster Software Package", sysGen GmbH has delivered one of the most powerful HPC Cluster solutions to our faculty.

Our faculty deals with quantum chromodynamics. QCD is a "quantum field theory" describing the "strong interaction". It describes the interaction of quarks and gluons, the basic building blocks of atomic nuclei.

Numerical simulations and field theory on the lattice

The focal points of interests are the phase diagram and various thermodynamic properties of QCD at high temperatures and densities, as they are relevant for heavy ion collision experiments and for cosmology. Among the quantities addressed are the pressure and the energy density of QCD, quark number susceptibilities, spatial correlation lengths, heavy quark potentials and quarkonium states. Our Researchgroup is also interested in effective spin models relevant for describing the low-energy degrees of freedom of QCD.


a short picture story


directors and producers

  • Frithjof Karsch
  • Markus Klappenbech
  • Olaf Kaczmarek
  • Christian Schmidt

...some actors

  • Frithjof Karsch
  • Markus Klappenbach
  • Lukas Mazur
  • Anna-Lena Kruse
  • Christian Schmidt
  • David Clarke
  • Hauke Sandmeyer
  • Olaf Kaczmarek
  • Hai-Tao Shu

...and at last but not least, lot's of Boxes

The directors and producers had not only the duty to find components to transform to a GPU-Cluster and to fight for money but additionally to find electric power, fortunately only half the electric power for seven times more computing power. And finally the project could get started in a high security area of the university computer center...

The project is realized together with sysGen Gmbh (a supplier for computer engineering) and NVIDIA (a leading producer of GPUs). The content of a lot of smaller and bigger boxes has to be filled into 14 racks. In the end there will be 224 GPUs with a processing power of 3.5 Petaflops.