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MCX6536 - SwitchX® FDR/FDR10/QDR Infiniband 29U chassis switch 72.52Tb/s, 648xQSFP, 8 Fans & 10(N+N)PSU


Product Details


SX6536 648-Port InfiniBand Director Switch

The SX6536 switch provides the highest performing fabric solution by delivering high bandwidth and low-latency to Enterprise Data Centers and High-Performance Computing environments in a 29U chassis. Networks built with the SX6536 can carry converged traffic with the combination of assured bandwidth and granular quality of service.


Built with Mellanox’s 5th generation SwitchX® InfiniBand switch device, the SX6536 provides up to 56Gb/s (FDR) full bisectional bandwidth per port. With up to 648 ports, this system is among the densest switching systems available. The SX6536 supports a superior scalable platform that scales as more number of nodes per cluster and more number of cores per node increases. This modular chassis switch is an ideal choice for building medium to large size clusters or for use as a core switch for very large clusters.


  • Highest ROI - energy efficiency, cost savings and scalable high performance
  • High-performance fabric for parallel computation or I/O convergence
  • Up to 648 Ports Modular Scalability
  • High-bandwidth, low-latency fabric for compute-intensive applications Quick and easy setup and management
  • Maximizes performance by removing fabric congestions
  • Fabric Management for cluster and converged I/O applications


Key Features
  • 648 FDR (56Gb/s) ports in a 29U switch
  • 72.52Tb/s switching capacity
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Congestion control
  • Quality of Service enforcement
  • FDR/FDR10 support for Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • Integrated subnet manager agent (up to 648 nodes)
  • Fast and efficient fabric bring-up
  • Comprehensive chassis management
  • Mellanox API for 3rd party integration
  • Intuitive CLI and GUI for easy access
  • Can be enhanced with Mellanox's Unified Fabric Manager (UFM™)
  • Temperature sensors and voltage monitors
  • Fan speed controlled by management softwarey
  • N+N power supply


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MCX6536 - SwitchX® FDR/FDR10/QDR Infiniband 29U chassis switch 72.52Tb/s, 648xQSFP, 8 Fans & 10(N+N)PSU

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