26,01 (30,95 inkl. MwSt.)

Rem BBU Kit LSI00260/BATT Rem BRACK-05 Opt

LSI BBU-BRACKET-05 is a remote mounting board that allows customers to remotely mount their battery backup or CacheVault Power Module (CVPM) in an adjacent server PCI slot.

Shipped with BBU-BRACKET-05 with vented full height bracket installed, Quick Installation Guide, and vented LP bracket.

  • LSIiBBU06 (Requires LSI00260)
  • LSIiBBU07 (Requires LSI00260)
  • LSIiBBU08 (Requires LSI00260 when using 9260-4i/8i controllers)
  • LSIiBBU09
  • All LSI CacheVault Power Modules

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