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SAN - Storage Attached Network

By Storage Area Networks, we mean storage networks for connecting DAS storage (HDD/SSD subsystems and tape libraries) to server systems over smaller, larger and very large distances up to 80Km and far beyond. SANs are designed for serial, high-speed, continuous transmission of large amounts of data and provide high availability, high-performance storage based on fast networks such as 40 to 80Gbps Infiniband (IB) and 10 GbE Ethernet and beyond (iSCSI protocol), Fiber Channel (FC protocol) and SAS (SSP, SAS SCSI protocol). For cost reasons, smaller installations also rely on 1 GbE Ethernet.

Construction of modern SAN systems

SANs extend Direct Attached Storage (DAS) by enabling servers to connect storage capacity over networks that can be dynamically allocated to other servers on demand or in the event of failure. In a SAN, data access is block-based; access to storage devices and file systems located on them is managed by the accessing computers. The application servers and workstation computers connected to the storage servers via a common LAN/WAN can access the shares of the storage servers. Common file system shares are SMB/CIFS and NFS.

Our SAN offer includes components like Raid-Controller and Host Bus Adapters, Enterprise HDD/SSD/NVMe-SSD Drives, SAS Switches, Infiniband and Ethernet Switches, FC Adapters and FC Switches, Storage Servers and JBOD Disk Enclosures, turnkey NAS Appliances, 19" Racks with and without Water Cooling, Power Supplies or in short; everything you need to set up SANs and data centers, including all services. We also connect remote locations with MetroX appliances at Infiniband speeds over distances of up to 80 km and beyond.