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SATA Disk On Module (DOM)


Disk on Module (DOM) labels a flash memory module form which can be used as a system or data disk instead of an HDD or SSD hard disk. Since the usual capacity of up to 128 GB is relatively limited, DOM flash memories are mainly used as system carriers. Our range for professional use is limited to modules with SATA interface.

The advantages of SATA DOM are many:

  • Read, write and IOP performance far exceeds that of HDD drives

  • Absolutely noiseless as no noise-generating mechanical parts are used

  • Energy savings: consumes only 1 to 2 watts per module instead of 6 to 7 watts per hard drive

  • The storage medium cannot be damaged by normal vibrations or provide false values.

  • Since DOM modules are plugged directly onto SATA connectors on the mainboard, a corresponding number of HDD/SSD disk slots remain free, the maximum capacity increases.

  • If data on DOM modules are often overwritten (use as system disk), only modules that allow the highest possible read/write cycles may be used.

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