PC / Workstation / Server

f you have already developed your own ideas for your new PC / workstation / server configuration, you can have the detailed offer prepared by sysGen sales, please request your personal offer via form configurator.

Your desired configuration

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Nennen Sie die gewünschte Anzahl an Systemen (z.B. 2 Stück)


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You can skip input fields that cause problems or for which you do not want to make entries. We will make the best possible assumptions for this. In many cases, initial offers are sold in iterative dialogue with our customers up to the optimum of requirements and budget.

standard configuration

Desktop Enclosures or... mehr
Desktop Enclosures or Workstation/Server Enclosures

19" Server for Server Enclosure

Twins contain multiple systems in one enclosure

Processors and main memory

Multiple selection is possible
Multiple selection is possible

Remote Server Management

IPMI allows you to monitor and... mehr
IPMI allows you to monitor and administer your system over the network.


graphic controllers

Desired graphics card: model or... mehr
Desired graphics card: model or features, e.g. resolution, connectors, etc.
ATTENTION: GPGPU boards have already been considered under co-processors, point processors and main memory.

hard disks


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Further information: Information on reliability, performance, etc.

Specification of the scope of delivery

total budget

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This information is used to offer the maximum performance and best possible quality for a given budget.

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