285,52 (339,76 inkl. MwSt.)

Spare MicroBlade Power Supply PWS-2K01A-BR & Fan PWS-DF003-2F

One of the biggest benefits of moving to a blade environment is the relocation of power supplies and fans into a single chassis versus an individual set in each server. This greatly helps reduce the power requirements on a per server basis. Key Advantages of Supermicro High-efficiency Blade Power Supply:
  • Availability - Non-stop power with N+1 or N+N up to 8 redundant power supply modules
  • Cost Saving - At 95% peak efficiency, power consumption is significantly reduced, providing a planet-friendly, real-world advantage for our environment
  • Investment Protection - Power capacity headroom for future generation processors
  • Easy Installation - Snap-in installation from the back of the chassis; hot-swappable in operation
  • Intelligent Power Infrastructure - Each power enclosure includes a power management module that monitors the power supplies and the power enclosure that connects to the blade management

Output 2000W
Type Redundant Module (3+1)
+12V 166.7A (230-240VAC)
12VSB 4.2A
Peak Efficiency 95%
Input AC Range 100~240VAC
Operating Conditions Temp: -5 to 50°C
Humidity: 5 to 95% RH
Maximum Available Power for various input voltages 100-127VAC input: 1000W
200-220VAC input: 1800W
220-230VAC input: 1980W
230-240VAC input: 2000W
Fan Type 80x80mm Counter Rotating Fans
Certification 80 PLUS
Titanium Certified