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Supermicro Microblade MBI-6118G-T81X

sysGen/MicroBlade MBI-6118G-T81X mit Mainboard B1SD1-16C-TF

  • 196 Xeon D-1581 nodes per 42U Rack
    1. Single socket FCBGA 1667 support Intel® Xeon® processor D-1581: 16-Core, 32 Threads, 65W
    2. Up to 128GB DDR4 VLP ECC RDIMM 2133/2400MHz in 4 slots
    3. Up to 4x 2.5" SATA3 (6Gbps) drives; 2x HDD/SSD + 2x SSD, 1x SATA3 DOM
    4. Dual 10GbE ports via Intel X552
    5. 28 Xeon D-1581 nodes in 6U or 14 Xeon D-1581 nodes in 3U
    6. Hot-plug front loading

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    Intel Xeon D-1539 1.6GHz Processor Onboard, included in purchase price

    8 Cores; 16 Threads; 1.60 GHz; Cache: 12 MB; TDP: 35 W

    MEM - DDR4 ECC REG VLP Arbeitsspeicher

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