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€ 405,69 (€ 482,77 inkl. MwSt.)
SuperBlade® Management SuperBlade ® Chassis Management Module (CMM) ermöglichen Remote Control für alle Server-Blades, Netzteile, Lüfter und...

€ 262,69 (€ 312,61 inkl. MwSt.)

The 1-Gigabit Ethernet Pass-through Module (part ID SBM-GEM-002) is a non-­con­figurable pass through module that includes fourteen 1-Gb/s external uplink (RJ45) ports and fourteen internal 1-Gb/s downlink ports for the SuperBlade®'s LAN interfaces. This module also has two internal Ethernet paths to the CMM(s) for viewing module temperature and voltage (but not for configuration since all connections are fixed).

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