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Test-/pre-installation Data Storage SW Vx Open-E

OS test/pre-installation Open-E DSS V7

Pre-installation of Open-E's latest storage OS.

Data Storage Software V6TM (Open-E® DSS V6TM) is a unified file and block storage management operating system. It offers superior performance, security and scalability at a fraction of the cost of alternative storage. Advanced features of Open-E® DSS V6TM include data and volume replication, volume snapshot, automatic iSCSI failover and automatic NAS (NFS) failover for high availability; remote mirroring for disaster recovery, WORM (Write Once Read Many) support for digital archiving and NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) support for universal backup. In addition, Open-E® DSS V6TM supports a variety of hardware RAID platforms from leading manufacturers. The flexibility of Open-E® DSS V6TM also allows users to combine NAS with iSCSI SAN systems. In addition to integrated virus protection, it also allows the integration of multiple network interface controllers, including 1Gb Ethernet, 10Gb Ethernet, InfiniBand (IPoIB) and Fibre Channel. Open-E® DSS V6TM is easy to install on any server and transforms a bare metal server into a storage environment with a graphical user interface.


This option only includes the software installation. You still have to buy an Open-E software license