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sysGen Originals

Highly specialized custom solutions

The tailored solutions of the sysGen Originals Series are characterized by state-of-the-art high quality hardware composed and integrated by our skilled sysGen technicians. They always are best equipped for their very own use-case but are still keep their flexibility for even more. Combined with years of experience and the well-known sysGen service a sysGen Original Solution promise high end performance, reliability and best possible quality. From high end deep learning power over portable data safes to overclocked water cooling machines, there is always the right sysGen Original for you.

€ 12.605,26 (€ 14.622,10 inkl. MwSt.)


This Workstation is the ideal workplace for AI developments. The pre-installed, leading data science software maximizes productivity, shortens time to insight and lowers the cost of data science projects. Desk-side housing with 1600/1700 Watt 80+ Platinum/Titanium Power Supply and Intel Xeon W compatible Mainboard:

  1. 1x Intel Xeon W CPUs
  2. Up to 1024GB of DDR4 ECC LRDIMM
  3. 2x 10GbE RJ45
  4. First NVIDIA™ TITAN RTX GPU included, second GPU card optional
  5. 2x 5.25" Peripheral Drive Bays
  6. High-Airflow for cooler GPUs or other PCIe Cards
  7. Up to 2x M.2 NVME SSDs
  8. Up to 4x 2.5" Drive Bays
  9. 2x 5.25" Drive Bays for Storage Extensions
  10. High-Airflow for cooler GPUs or other PCIe Cards

NVIDIA DS Workstation Software Load:

  • NVIDIA® CUDA-X AI™ accelerated data science software, such as RAPIDS™, TensorFlow, PyTorch and Caffe. CUDA-X AI is a collection of libraries that enable modern computing applications to benefit from NVIDIA’s GPU-accelerated computing platform. These data science workstations make it easy for scientists to wrangle, prep, train and deploy models quickly and accurately
  • Get started right away without wasting time. We've installed (almost) everything you need:
  • OS Ubuntu 18.04
  • optional Partner ECO systems of your choice, like OmniSci, BlazingDB, ...

Option: In-Memory-Computing, increase your RAM memory with Memory-SSD`s

Memory Expansion Info

€ 6.129,31 (€ 7.110,00 inkl. MwSt.)

sysGen devCUBE ™ Workstation, consisting of:
Carbide Air 540 Desk-side housing with 1600/1700 Watt 80+ Platinum/Titanium Power Supply and an AMD Threadripper compatible Mainboard

Chassis Features:
  1. Supports AMD Threadripper CPUs
  2. Supports up to 128GB of DDR4 ECC UDIMM
  3. Supports up to 4x Dual-Slot GPUs
  4. 8x SATA3, 3x M.2 and 1x U.2 NVME onboard
  5. Up to 4x 2.5" HDDs or SSDs
  6. Up to 2x 3.5" HDDs
  7. 2x 5.25" Peripheral Drive Bays
  8. High-Airflow for cooler GPUs or other PCIe Cards

Attention: Our sysGen DevCube Deep Learning Image (OS Ubuntu 18.04.) can only be pre-installed if you are choosing one of the following graphics cards

  • NVIDIA Quadro RTX Series (RTX 4000/5000/6000)
  • NVIDIA Quadro GV100
  • NVIDIA RTX Titan
/ Overview Deep-Learning
€ 1.728,60 (€ 2.005,18 inkl. MwSt.)