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sysGen Originals

Highly specialized custom solutions

The tailored solutions of the sysGen Originals Series are characterized by state-of-the-art high quality hardware composed and integrated by our skilled sysGen technicians. They always are best equipped for their very own use-case but are still keep their flexibility for even more. Combined with years of experience and the well-known sysGen service a sysGen Original Solution promise high end performance, reliability and best possible quality. From high end deep learning power over portable data safes to overclocked water cooling machines, there is always the right sysGen Original for you.

devCUBE™ - Deep Learning Deskside Solution

A powerfull but energy efficient deskside solution for Deep Learning. With up to 4x Titan X GPUs and a pre-installed and -configured software package, the devCUBE is the easiest way to start with machine learning today


  • Up to 4x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 or Titan X with Pascal chipset
  • Ready to Go System - completely configured, incl. all required Software
  • Energy efficient and silent hardware in a desktop case

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devCUBE™ H2O - Water Cooled Deep Learning

High end deep learning power with up to 4x water cooled NVIDIA® GTX 1080 GPUs and dual Intel® Xeon® CPUs stays cool and quiet with a complete water cooling system.


  • Up to 4x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 with Pascal chipset
  • Water cooled hardware for silent high end performance
  • Ready to Go System - completely configured, incl. all required Software
  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2687W v4 CPUs with up to 3.5 GHz

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simCUBE™ - Overclocked CPU for extreme Single-Core Performance

A Intel Core i7-6700K CPU with up to 4.7 GHz per Core via overclocking is the heart of the simCUBE. To silence this enormous power, the CPU is integrated into a water-cooling system inside a noise-canceling case.


  • Extreme Single-Core Performance up to 4.70 GHz via overclocking
  • Advanced Water-Cooling System and noise-canceling materials for silent computing
  • Multi-GPU support

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gpuGIANTs - Highest GPU-density per rack unit

Ultra-fast server-hardware with support for up to 8x GPUs in 2U. Next to the classic PCIe setup, the gpuGIANT supports the new NVLINK by NVIDIA with 80 GB/s GPU-to-GPU speed.


  • Up to 8x (2U) / 4x (1U) double slot GPU cards
  • Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 support
  • 3TB DDR4 Memory (ECC 3DS LRDIMM 2400MHz)
  • Server Management via IPMI

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