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sysGen Quality-assurance

Product quality is the focus

The focus at sysGen is on product quality: That is why sysGen has developed a test system that puts every system through its paces - fully automatically - and determines and records the essential performance values. Since these systems are usually highly individualized, a particularly flexible and far-reaching test procedure is required in order to meet the high quality standard to which sysGen is committed.

Each component will be tested

Each machine is subjected to various tests to ensure that all the components installed are working properly. The following tests are performed for this purpose:


  • General system information is collected
  • The memory is written and read with sequential and random patterns and then all determined data is compared
  • The network interfaces are under load due to high data volumes and excessive floodpings
  • Disk speed is determined
  • The hard disks/raids are filled with Md5 sum data and these are then compared
  • The CD/DVD drives are equipped with a test CD/DVD and these are read completely.
  • Smaller additional tests ensure the function of other components (IPMI etc.)
  • The machines are put under enormous stress for 12-48 hours. This means: full CPU load during which the memory is write/read and the data on the hard disk is processed
  • A stream benchmark and an additional HPL are started. This ensures performance and generates additional stress.


Extensive monitoring

All machine parameters are monitored during the entire test process. This includes:

  • Load behaviour
  • Temperature
  • Smart data of the hard disks
  • Events of the operating system (hardware failure etc.)
  • Raid-Controller and the corresponding Raids
  • IPMI values (if IPMI card or dedicated port is available)


A maximum of quality and satisfaction

With this complex test procedure, sysGen ensures that every machine that leaves our premises is fully functional and free of faults. This ensures that we can guarantee our customers maximum quality and satisfaction.