$12,896.54 ($15,346.88 inkl. MwSt.)

TX6000 Appliance für Distanzen bis 1 Km

TX6000 - Long-Haul Solutions to Data Centers


The MetroDX TX6000 series extends Mellanox InfiniBand solutions from a single-location data center network to distances of up to 1km to local and campus data centers and applications.

Mellanox MetroDX enables connecting between data centers deployed across multiple geographically distributed sites, extending InfiniBand RDMA and Ethernet RoCE benefits beyond local data centers and storage clusters.

Mellanox's MetroDX is the perfect cost-effective, low power, easily managed and scalable solution to enable today's data centers and storage to run up to 1km over local and distributed fabrics, managed as a single unified network infrastructure


Long-Haul Systems
TX6000 TX6100 TX6240 TX6280
Height 1U 1U 2U 2U
Long-Haul Ports 16 6 2 1
Downlink Ports 16 6 2 1
Long-haul Ports Speed FDR10/40GbE FDR10/40GbE FDR10/40GbE FDR10/40GbE
Downlink Ports Speed FDR/40GbE FDR/40GbE FDR/40GbE FDR/40GbE
Max throughput 640Gb/s 240Gb/s 80Gb/s 40Gb/s
Distance 1Km 10Km 40Km 80Km
Latency 200ns + 5ns/m over fibre 200ns + 5ns/m over fibre 700ns + 5ns/m over fibre 700ns + 5ns/m over fibre
QoS 1 Virtual Lane 1 Virtual Lane 1 Virtual Lane 1 Virtual Lane
Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
PSU Redundancy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Target Applications Data Centers Campus Metro Metro