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TX6240 Appliance für Distanzen bis 40 Km

TX6240 - RDMA Long-Haul Solutions for the Metro


The MetroX™ TX6240 series extends Mellanox's InfiniBand and Ethernet RDMA solutions metro applications. The TX6240 supports 2 long-haul ports running 40Gb/s to a distance up to 40km. While Mellanox products have been traditionally deployed for their high-performance interconnect benefits within the data center, Mellanox's MetroX solutions, implementing long-haul RDMA, enable connections between data centers deployed across multiple geographically distributed sites, extending the same world-leading interconnect benefits of Mellanox switches beyond local data centers and storage clusters. Mellanox's MetroX is the perfect cost-effective, low power, easily managed and scalable solution that enables today’s data centers and storage to run up to 40km over local and distributed fabrics, managed as a single unified network infrastructure.


Long-Haul Systems
TX6000 TX6100 TX6240 TX6280
Height 1U 1U 2U 2U
Long-Haul Ports 16 6 2 1
Downlink Ports 16 6 2 1
Long-haul Ports Speed FDR10/40GbE FDR10/40GbE FDR10/40GbE FDR10/40GbE
Downlink Ports Speed FDR/40GbE FDR/40GbE FDR/40GbE FDR/40GbE
Max throughput 640Gb/s 240Gb/s 80Gb/s 40Gb/s
Distance 1Km 10Km 40Km 80Km
Latency 200ns + 5ns/m over fibre 200ns + 5ns/m over fibre 700ns + 5ns/m over fibre 700ns + 5ns/m over fibre
QoS 1 Virtual Lane 1 Virtual Lane 1 Virtual Lane 1 Virtual Lane
Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
PSU Redundancy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Target Applications Data Centers Campus Metro Metro