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Upgrade to Kepler today - NVIDIA® Tesla® K20 GPU Accelerators now available to order

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NVIDIA® Tesla® K20 GPU Accelerators are Now

Available for Pre-Order!

Accelerate your computing today with NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerators to speed up your performance by up to 3x compared to Fermi.

K20 is powered by NVIDIA CUDA® - the world's most pervasive parallel-computing model. Take advantage of the NVIDIA Kepler architecture and innovative technologies like Dynamic Parallelism and Hyper-Q to boost both performance and power efficiency.

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Jetzt vorbestellen!

With over 1 TF Double Precision performance, NVIDIA Tesla K20 is the world's:

  • Fastest Accelerator
  • Most Energy Efficient Accelerator
  • Most Prevalent Parallel Programming Model

NVIDIA Tesla K20 for cluster nodes and workstations are available to pre-order now. Contact us today for more detailed product specifications and pricing., +49 (421) 40966-0!
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