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With many years of experience in the field of technical-scientific computer systems and preferred partnerships with Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Mellanox and Supermicro, sysGen is one of the major manufacturers of professional systems.

Inquiry request for VDI/GRID solutions

You want to work creatively with a workstation without a disturbing noise level?
Then take advantage of our VDI/GRID solution offer!
Unleash your creative potential with the industry-leading combination of extreme computing and graphics power. Fill out this form and we will advise you extensively.

Inquiry request for PC / Workstation / Server

Are you looking for a system tailored to your needs? Whether desktop computer, CAD workstation, file server or GPU calculations. You simply describe your project or tell us your exact hardware requirements. We will then work out a suitable offer for you.
With us you receive the PCs, workstations and servers for your need, also with NVIDIA Maximus, AMD FirePro, VMWare, as well as further certifications.

Inquiry request for RAID and NAS systems

Our scalable RAID and NAS systems allow you to design your project flexibly.
In doing so, we will take your individual needs into account, depending on your field of application.

Take advantage of our many years of storage experience and request your system here.

Inquiry Request for Storage Appliance with NexentaStor, FreeNAS / ZFS only

Our systems support iSCSI and file sharing over Windows, Apple, Linux and UNIX. They are based on the ZFS v28 developed by SUN (Oracle). Click here to create your request for quotation.

Inquiry request for Storage Appliance with open-e

sysGen offers a variety of high-quality enterprise storage appliances. Appliances can be integrated into an existing SAN without much effort as optimally configured storage servers. Request your Storage Appliance with open-e here.

Inquiry request for Storage Appliance with Windows Storage Server

We use Windows Storage Server as NAS systems in Windows environments. In connection with our Enterprise Class Storage Servers, you receive highly scalable storage solutions with a high-performance integration into your company network.
Request your Storage Appliance with Windows Storage Server here.

Inquiry Request for Parallel File Systems (BeeGFS (FhGFS) and Lustre)

The use of parallel file systems tames growing data floods, increases performance, simplifies administration and enables uninterrupted storage expansion.
Let us advise you. Please fill out this form.

Inquiry request for HPC clusters

If you need a scalable and highly available server system for your data center, simply fill out this form.

We will be happy to work out an offer for you based on your input.

Inquiry request for blade systems

Benefit from the use of blade systems.
Compared to conventional server systems, individual blade nodes require less space.
They are much easier to access and can therefore be replaced more quickly if necessary.
In addition, you can save a lot of energy by using the blades.