sysGen NVIDIA® Virtual GPU based Solutions

sysGen offers a line of fully validated server solutions featuring high performance GPUs from NVIDIA, along with NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software, to address the rapidly growing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) market. These solutions include Supermicro and Gigabyte GPU optimized server configured with dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, up to 6TB DDR4 memory or AMD EPYC™ 7002 series processor family Dual processors and NVIDIA® vGPU software with NVIDIA Tesla® GPUs based on the Volta™, Turing™, Pascal™, and Maxwell™ architectures and NVIDIA Quadro® RTX™ that deliver best-in-class virtual desktop experiences to users anytime and anywhere.

VDI has become increasingly popular with the broadened availability of mobile broadband, higher bandwidth, more compute power in modern mobile devices, higher display resolutions and a trend of BYOD within enterprises. Supermicro VDI solutions empower 3rd party RDSH, traditional VDI, and graphic intensive use cases by leveraging NVIDIA vGPU software running on NVIDIA Tesla® GPUs including V100, P40, T4, and M10 and Quadro® RTX™ 6000 and 8000. The jointly developed solution offers the most TCO optimized x86 architecture for scaling VDI implementations across an organization by improving IT manageability, delivering on-demand performance and increasing productivity to virtual workspaces.


Support, Updates & Maintenance Subscription (SUMS)

NVIDIA Virtual GPU Software
GRID vApps, GRID vPC, Quadro vDWS, vComputeServer

Hypervisor (vmware or citrix) / Have a look at the overview

Configure your system ⮯

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Our recommendations for GPU, CPU, Memory ➙
Take a look at the NVIDIA license options ➙

USE CASE ➙ Overview of NVIDIA GPUs - Tesla® V100, T4; and Quadro® RTX ™ 6000 and 8000 ➙

Key Benefits

  • Best Windows 10 VDI user Experience. E-Book Download
  • Exceptional User Experience. Ultimate user experience with the ability to support both compute and graphics workloads for every vGPU
  • Predictable Performance. Consistent performance with guaranteed quality of service, whether on-premises
  • Continuous Innovation. A regular cadence of new software releases to ensure that you stay on top of the latest features and enhancements
  • Best User Density. Industry’s highest user density solution with support for up to 32 virtual desktops per GPU. Lower TCO with up to 8 vGPU profiles for the flexibility to provision resources to match user needs
  • Optimal Management and Monitoring. True end-to-end management and monitoring with real-time insight into GPU performance and migration technology, plus broad partner integrations that let you use the tools you know
  • Multiple Monitor. Support multiple HD displays and up to two 4K-resolution displays to expand your workspace, enhance multi-tasking, and increase productivity.
  • Flexibility. Ability to dynamically allocate GPU resources to make sure that each VM and User has the power they need to do their job.

NVIDIA Virtual GPU Software Editions

NVIDIA Virtual GPU software is available in four editions, so you can provide the right capabilities to each of your users based on their exact needs.

Virtual Compute Server

For compute intensive server workloads such as artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and Data Science.

ComputeServer Brief ➚

Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation

For professional graphics applications; includes an NVIDIA Quadro driver.

Quadro vDWS Brief ➚

GRID Virtual PC

For virtual desktops delivering standard PC applications, browser, and multimedia.

Grid vPC Brief ➚

GRID Virtual Applications

Use with Citrix XenApp or other RDSH solutions like VMware Horizon Apps.

Grid vApps Brief ➚

Licensing Models

Annual License

An annual subscription is active for a fixed period as defined by the terms of the subscription license. To be kept active, the license will need to be renewed at the end of the subscription period. Annual subscription includes software license and SUMS.

Perpetual License

A perpetual license allows for use of the licensed software indefinitely. Users that opt to license using this model are required to subscribe to SUMS for the first year. The SUMS subscription can renewed on a yearly basis after the expiring of the initial subscription.

Available NVIDIA vGPU software licenses ➚

Have a look or download the NVIDIA Virtual GPU SW Licensing Option List!
If you are not sure which Barebone, NVIDIA vGPU product or license to choose? Please contact us now and discover how syGgen offered Supermicro servers with NVIDIA vGPU technology accelerate the most demanding workflows.

"Supermicro server + NVIDIA GPUs + vGPU Software Architectures"

With Supermicro Virtual Workstation reference Architectures, you can implement pre-tested VDI bundles that mitigate the challenges around cost, planning, procurement, and deployment. Certified Supermicro servers with NVIDIA GPUs and vGPU software licenses can help you achieve your best performance and user experience.

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