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VLT-30034 Grid Director™ 4036E


40Gb/s InfiniBand switch with integrated low-latency Ethernet gateway
The Grid Director 4036E is a high performance, low-latency and fully non-blocking InfiniBand switch, which includes a built-in, low-latency Ethernet gateway for bridging traffic to and from Ethernet-based networks or storage. This self-contained solution combines an InfiniBand switch, an embedded subnet manager, and a built-in, hardware-based low-latency Ethernet gateway in a compact 1U device.

With thirty-four 40Gb/s InfiniBand ports (delivering 2.72 Tb/s), less than 100 nanoseconds of port-to-port latency, and two 1/10Gb Ethernet ports bridging traffic in less than one microsecond, I/O bottlenecks are removed making applications operate at maximum efficiency, and its smart design makes it easily useful for both small and large clusters.


  • Low-latency, hardware-based bridging between InfiniBand and Ethernet
  • Provides high performance connectivity to Ethernet-based services and resources
  • Reduce switching and adapter costs by consolidating network and I/O infrastructure
  • 34 40Gb/s ports and two 1/10 GbE ports in a 1U switch
  • Ultra-low latency with less than 100 nanoseconds between InfiniBand ports and less than one microsecond between InfiniBand and Ethernet
  • Plug & play, standards-based protocol bridging with zero configuration required on the 4036E itself or on the servers
  • Embedded subnet manager

Technical Specifications

  • 19" rack mountable chassis, 1U height
  • Aggregate data throughput: 2.72 Tb/s
  • Port-to-port Latency
    • less than 100 ns InfiniBand to InfiniBand
    • less than 1 µs InfiniBand to Ethernet
  • 9 Virtual lanes: 8 data + 1 management
  • MTU: 4096 Bytes (max.)

  • 34 4X Quad Data Rate ports
  • IBTA 1.2.1 compliant
  • Interconnect options:
    • QSFP passive/active cooper or fiber cables
    • All ports are located on the rear panel

  • Two 1/10 GbE interconnect ports, SFP+ interfaces
  • IEEE 802.3ab
  • IEEE 802ad (link aggregation)
  • IEEE P802.3ak and IEEE P802.3ae 10GBASESR, 10GBASE-LR
  • Support for Jumbo frames

  • 768, RFC-926, RFC-1812, RFC-1027
  • IPoIB: IETF RFC 4391, 4392
  • VLAN support according IEEE 802.1q (up to 64 VLANS)
  • IP multicast (IETF RFC 3171) and IGMPv2 (up to 3000 multicast groups)
  • SNMP v2c: IETF — RFC190x

  • Physical Ports:
    • DB-9 connector on the rear panel
    • RJ45 jack connector for 10/100/1000 Ethernet port on the rear panel
    • Chassis Reset Button on the front/rear panels
    • USB port on the rear panel
  • Device Management:
    • CLI
    • SNMP
  • Fabric Management
    • On-board SM for fabrics up to 648 nodes
    • Unified Fabric Manager™ (UFM™)

  • Fan unit LED on the fan unit
  • PSU LED on the power supply
  • Power supply/fan LED on the front/rear panels
  • Info LED on the front and rear panels
  • SM LED on the front and rear panels
  • System Power LED on the front/rear panels
  • System Temp LED on the rear panel
  • I/O LED on the rear panel

  • Dual redundant power supply slots and two hot-swappable power supplies
  • Power entries: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, auto-sensing
  • Power consumption
    • Maximum: 240W
    • Typical: 180W
    • Numbers relate to copper cables. For optic cables add 1.5W per port.

  • Front-to-rear cooling
  • Hot-swappable fan unit containing three fans for high availability
  • Auto-heat sensing for silent fan operation

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.69’’ (43 mm) x 16.93’’ (430 mm) x 20.9’’ (530 mm)
  • Fixed rack-mount bracket kit included
  • Optional cabling guide brackets kit designed for cable management
  • Weight: 20 Lbs (9 Kgs)

  • Operating
    • Ambient temperature: 32º to 113º F (0º to 45º C)
    • Humidity: 15 to 80%, non-condensing
    • Altitude: 0 to 9843 ft (3000m)
  • Storage
    • Temperature: -13º to 158º F (-25º to 70º C)
    • Humidity: 5 to 90 non-condensing
    • Altitude: 0 to 15,000 ft (4570m)

  • Safety
    • UL60950
    • CB IEC60950
    • CSA-C22.2 No.60950-00
  • EMC
    • 47CFR FCC part 15
    • EN55022:98/EN55024:98/EN61000-3-2:00/EN61000-3-3:95
  • VCCI