From rendering and virtualization to engineering analytics and data science, the NVIDIA® EGX™ professional visualization server allows you to accelerate multiple workloads on any device. The highly flexible reference design, which combines high-quality NVIDIA GPUs with NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software and high-performance networking, is an NVIDIA Certified System™ and delivers superior graphics and compute performance. It enables artists to work at their best from anywhere, with a fraction of the cost, space, and power consumption of CPU-based solutions.

We are in the age of always-on computation. Trillions of devices, sensors, and machines are working autonomously, running AI and enterprise applications - in data centers, in the cloud, and in the periphery.This vast network is the "Internet of Things" (IOT) and it will soon be 1000 times the size of the Internet as we know it today.

The NVIDIA EGX™ AI platform enables this with
its end-to-end performance, manageability, and software-defined infrastructure.

Powerful, Secure AI from the Data Center to the Periphery

From the data center to the periphery, the NVIDIA EGX platform delivers the power of accelerated AI computingwith
an easy-to-deploy, cloud-native software stack and management serviceand
a vast ecosystem of partners offering products and services with and for EGX.

Run professional applications in the NVIDIA NGC catalog

The NVIDIA NGC™ catalog offers a broad range of GPU-accelerated software that covers key application areas for AI and data science in any industry and has been tuned, tested, and optimized to run on EGX systems. The catalog also gives users access to domain-specific, pre-trained third-party models and Kubernetes-enabled Helm charts that facilitate the implementation of high-performance software as well as the development of custom solutions.

NVIDIA Fleet Command runs in the NGC catalog and can deploy and manage industry applications in the periphery, such as formerly complex management tasks like remotely updating system software or monitoring a site's system health.
Run professional applications
in the NVIDIA NGC catalog.

Cloud-native software

The NVIDIA EGX stack solves old IT problems, such as software installation on remote systems, on its own. With helmet charts, containers, continuous integration, and continuous deployment (CI/CD), organizations can effortlessly deploy updated AI containers in minutes. The NVIDIA GPU Operator and NVIDIA Network Operator standardize and automate the implementation of all necessary components for deploying Kubernetes clusters.

The EGX stack architecture is supported by leading hybrid cloud platform partners: Canonical, Cisco Container Platform (CCP), Microsoft Azure, Nutanix, Red Hat and VMware.


End-to-end hardware

The EGX hardware portfolio starts with the energy-efficient NVIDIA® Jetson™ product family for tasks such as image recognition and sensor fusion. The offering extends to a full rack of NVIDIA Certified Systems™ in data centers capable of more than 10,000 tera operations per second (TOPS) and serving hundreds of users with real-time speech recognition and other complex AI experiences. EGX converged accelerators combine the power of NVIDIA Ampere GPUs, NVIDIA Mellanox® SmartNIC, and DPU technologies to create faster, more efficient, and more secure data centers.


NVIDIA A40, along with NVIDIA vGPU software, is the heart of
the next-generation NVIDIA EGX™ server,
delivering the performance and features needed to deliver
professional graphics and computing anywhere.

Run AI and enterprise applications simultaneously

Enterprise data centers are at an inflection point - the outdated, hyper-converged data center is giving way to
a modern, decentralized IT infrastructure that provides security and acceleration.
Today's data center is increasingly software-defined in the areas of security, networking, storage and management.
As the number of users increases, data rates explode, virtualization technologies emerge, and
new technologies for cloud computing emerge, the data center's compute load also increases.
As enterprises increasingly embrace AI and cloud computing,
a new data center architecture is needed to accelerate and secure both existing and new data-intensive applications on the same infrastructure. NVIDIA and its partners are paving the way. For our customers, this means better products and services delivered to customers faster than ever before, while still meeting the operational goals of security, efficiency, and reliability.


The NVIDIA EGX platform provides a single, unified foundation for
industry-leading AI applications and frameworks.