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The world has fundamentally changed, and cloud computing is permanently altering the conventional way businesses think about the use and scheduling of critical IT resources. Businesses need solutions to access often sensitive data, regardless of location, quickly and with the highest level of security.

There are many good reasons for a cloud solution, including: Saving resources and costs, increasing efficiency, increasing flexibility and remote data access anytime, anywhere, provided there is a stable internet connection. Put your employees at the center of the workplace with a hybrid approach that delivers a seamless experience across all workspaces. Also, provide all knowledge workers with access to necessary applications and data, regardless of where they are.


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BeeGFS is a hardware-independent POSIX parallel file system (also known as software-defined parallel storage) developed with a strong focus on performance and designed for ease of use, installation and management. BeeGFS is built on an available-source development model (source code is publicly available) and offers a self-supported Community Edition and a fully supported Enterprise Edition with additional features and functionality. BeeGFS is designed for all performance-oriented environments, including HPC, AI and Deep Learning, Life Sciences and Oil & Gas (to name a few).


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what good are the fastest computers if the data to be processed cannot pass the "bottleneck" fast enough. They don't perform at full capacity, generate high operating costs and can set you back in performance-oriented competition. Are you aware that traditional data controllers only get out a maximum of 10 to 20% of the potential read speed of SSDs? This is a disaster for data-driven businesses that is easily avoidable. We'll show you how to get the full performance, in terms of speed, out of your data storage devices and why using high-performance storage hardware and software is a significant competitive advantage.
Data-driven enterprises need to increase data throughput to get the full performance out of compute servers. With GRAID technology, you can harness 100% of the performance possible and eliminate the bottleneck that severely degrades the performance of your IT infrastructure.


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All Flash (NVME)

the solutions to your performance problems. SysGen offers you the best possible and fastest performance with NVMe-based storage systems.


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with jBOD you can easily expand the server capacity in your data center. SysGen offers you jBODs with up to 60 hard drives and with the best security methods for your data.


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All storage systems

There are various options for mapping fail-safety and performance for all your storage systems. Within the framework of the requirements, infrastructure and your budget, we will find an optimal solution for you.


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Open-e joviandss

Open-E JovianDSS is a ZFS and Linux-based data storage software
designed for enterprises of all sizes, especially for Enterprise Software Defined Storage environments