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Organizations undergoing AI transformation require an AI infrastructure platform that improves upon traditional approaches that in the past included slow compute architectures separated by analytics, training, and inference workloads. The preceding approach increased complexity, drove up costs, and limited scalability.

The NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU delivers unprecedented acceleration at any scale for the world's highest-performing elastic data centers in AI, data analytics, and HPC. A100 is based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture and is the core component of NVIDIA's data center platform.

The DGX H100 is an AI powerhouse powered by the breakthrough NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, revolutionizing the enterprise data center with an infrastructure that unifies AI and data science workloads.

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Modern businesses are trying to harness data from billions of sensors in the Internet of Things (IoT) found in retail stores, urban streets and hospitals. The ability to gain insights faster with edge computing solutions can not only save time and money, but also save lives. To do this, edge computing solutions must offer powerful distributed computing power, secure and easy remote management, and compatibility with industry-leading technologies.

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The NVIDIA EGX platform has optimized software that delivers accelerated computing performance from the data center to the edge. With NVIDIA AI Enterprise, organizations have access to an end-to-end, cloud-native software suite for AI and data analytics that is optimized, certified, and supported by NVIDIA to run on VMware vSphere with NVIDIA-certified systems. NVIDIA AI Enterprise includes key NVIDIA technologies for rapidly deploying, managing and scaling AI workloads in the modern hybrid cloud.

NVIDIA EGX is compatible with Red Hat OpenShift


other leading hybrid cloud platform partners through the


EGX stack, with both NVIDIA GPU Operator and NVIDIA Network Operator. This enables enterprises to standardize and automate the deployment of all the components required to deploy Kubernetes clusters.

NVIDIA Fleet Command™ can deploy and manage line-of-business applications at the edge, such as previously complex management tasks like remotely updating system software or monitoring a site's system health.

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The EGX hardware portfolio ranges from NVIDIA Certified Systems™ capable of real-time speech recognition, sophisticated business forecasting, immersive graphics experiences, and other advanced data center workloads to the small, energy-efficient NVIDIA® Jetson™ family of products for tasks such as image recognition and sensor fusion at the edge.nVIDIA converged accelerators combine the power of NVIDIA Ampere GPUs, NVIDIA SmartNIC, and DPU technologies to create faster, more efficient, and more secure data centers.

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The Supermicro Universal GPU System is a modular and flexible server platform designed for AI Deep Learning and HPC workloads. It supports a wide range of GPUs and processors based on open standards, giving IT administrators the flexibility to choose the GPU architecture best suited for their workloads. Support for AMD EPYC 7003 processors, 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, and NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core 4 GPUs, as well as improved thermal capacity, enables it to accommodate GPUs up to 700W. The Supermicro Universal GPU System offers easy installation, testing, production and upgrade of GPU solutions to meet the demanding requirements of enterprises.

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Massive data sets, huge models in Deep Learning, and complex simulations require multiple GPUs with extremely fast interconnects and a fully accelerated software stack. The NVIDIA HGX™ AI supercomputing platform combines the full power of NVIDIA GPUs, NVIDIA® NVLink®, NVIDIA InfiniBand networking, and a fully optimized NVIDIA AI and HPC software stack from the NVIDIA NGC™ catalog for the highest application performance. With end-to-end performance and flexibility, NVIDIA HGX enables researchers and scientists to combine simulation, data analytics, and AI to drive scientific progress.

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Liquid cooling reduces power consumption and carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel power plants. Reducing the environmental impact of today's data centers becomes a corporate responsibility.

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2U HGX A100
​​​​​​​4-GPU SYSTEM
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