The NVIDIA® RTX platform offers the fastest GPU rendering solutions available today. By combining the power of NVIDIA RTX™ or NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphics cards with applications that support NVIDIA RTX™ technology, designers and artists in all industries can leverage state-of-the-art rendering for their professional workflows.

Rendering at the speed of light with RTX technology

Real-time ray tracing and AI-accelerated denoising enable designers, architects, and artists to interactively trace rays in the application window, transforming the creative design workflow and enabling significantly faster rendering than traditional CPU-based solutions.

Optimized solutions for every rendering workflow

Tackle the most complex rendering workloads with NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs and NVIDIA NVLink™ technology, providing up to 96 GB of GPU memory for the largest scenes and multi-app workflows. Automate and accelerate complex rendering tasks with NVIDIA OptiX™ AI-accelerated denoiser and bring the power of high-performance, flexible rendering to the data center with the NVIDIA EGX platform for professional visualization.

Unprecedented realism with NVIDIA vMaterials

NVIDIA's vMaterials catalog is a collection of real-world materials described in the NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL) . Developed by NVIDIA materials specialists and tested for accuracy, control, and consistency, professionals can add realistic materials to their designs and share physics-based materials and lights in supporting applications.

Simulate reality with NVIDIA Iray

NVIDIA Iray is a state-of-the-art rendering technology that enables professionals to create photorealistic images for interactive and batch rendering workflows by simulating the physical behavior of light and materials. Support for RTX GPUs brings real-time ray tracing and AI-accelerated denoising to leading graphics applications, giving designers and digital artists the tools they need to create visually stunning renderings while significantly accelerating their workflows

Solutions for rendering

NVIDIA EGX platform for professional visualization

Handle complex rendering tasks at a fraction of the cost, space, and power requirements of CPU-based solutions. The NVIDIA EGX professional visualization platform is a flexible reference design that combines the power of NVIDIA GPUs with NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS) software, providing everything you need to tackle complex workloads - from rendering to collaborative design - in the data center

Accelerate your workflow
with NVIDIARTX-based workstations

Achieve innovative rendering breakthroughs without compromise with
desktop and mobile workstations powered by NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA Quadro.

Architecture, engineering and construction

View interactive ray-traced renderings of building interiors and exteriors under all lighting conditions. With NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs, design teams can make confident decisions faster by visualizing more accurate and predictable models.

Product Design

NVIDIA RTX and Quadro RTX-powered desktop and mobile workstations deliver real-time photorealistic visualization for product design teams, allowing them to view digital prototypes as they would appear in real life well before they're manufactured.

Media and entertainment

NVIDIA RTX gives artists the (computational) power needed to rapidly create award-winning content. RTX accelerates ray tracing for any workflow, from real-time pre-visualization to virtual production to interactive, batch, and final frame renderings.

Redefine industries with applications
based on RTX technology

  • Boost productivity on NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA Quadro RTX-powered workstations and extend creativity to multi-app workflows
  • Interact with large models in real time with up to 96 GB of GPU memory
  • Easily switch from CPU to GPU rendering with little to no changes to existing workflows
  • Create photorealistic scenes faster with RTX-accelerated features such as real-time ray tracing with NVIDIA RT Cores and AI-accelerated denoising with NVIDIA Tensor Cores in supported apps

Revolutionize your workflow with NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA Omniverse™ is an open platform for real-time virtual collaboration and physically accurate simulations. Developers, designers, and engineers can accelerate their workflows with one-click interoperability between leading software tools in a shared virtual world. With NVIDIA RTX™, stunning, high-fidelity models can be viewed instantly on any device.

NVIDIA Developer Tools


Optimize ray tracing performance on the GPU with the NVIDIA OptiX API, an SDK that enables programmable intersection, ray generation, and shading for ray tracing applications.

AI accelerated denoiser

By integrating NVIDIA OptiX, developers can take advantage of AI Denoising to significantly speed up rendering.

RTX ray tracing

Bring cinematic output to life with ray tracing powered by NVIDIA RTX.


Harness the power of NVIDIA Tensor Cores to boost frame rates and produce sharp images that approach or exceed native rendering.