Enterprises undergoing AI transformation need an AI infrastructure platform that improves upon traditional approaches that in the past included slow compute architectures and were separated by analytics, training and inference workloads. The preceding approach increased complexity, drove up costs and limited scalability.

The DGX H100 is an AI powerhouse equipped with the breakthrough NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU.
it revolutionizes the enterprise data center with infrastructure that unifies AI and data science workloads.


DGX A100


AI training, inference and analytics.
range of server solutions to help you tackle the most complex AI challenges.


Scaled AI Infrastructure Solution.
Industry-standard infrastructure designs for AI enterprises.


Scaled AI Infrastructure Solution.
Industry-leading full-cycle infrastructure - the fastest path to AI innovation at scale.


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With optimized AI software, including an AI-optimized base operating system, you can simplify deployment and be more productive in hours instead of months.

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DGX is the core building block of a number of TOP500 supercomputers and has been adopted by many leading companies.

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The architecture is proven for multi-node scalability and was developed with industry leaders in storage, compute and networking.

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NVIDIA DGXperts is a global team of over 14,000 AI-fluent professionals AI professionals who have acquired a wealth of experience over the last decade to help you maximize the value of your DGX investment.


Game-changing performance: NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU

Game-changing performance based on the NVIDIA A100 GPU, delivering the world's first 5 PFLOPS AI system that can effortlessly run analysis, training, and inference workloads simultaneously.
The NVIDIA DGX A100 features eight NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, providing users with unmatched acceleration, and is fully optimized for NVIDIA CUDA-X™ software and the end-to-end NVIDIA Data Center Solution Stack.

NVIDIA A100 GPUs offer a new precision, TF32, that works like FP32 to deliver a 20X increase in FLOPS performance for AI compared to the previous generation - and best of all, no code changes are required to achieve this speed increase. And when using NVIDIA's automatic mixed-precision, the A100 provides an additional 2x performance boost with just one additional line of code at FP16 precision. The A100 GPU also features class-leading memory bandwidth of 1.6 terabytes per second (TB/s), an increase of more than 70% over the last generation. In addition, the A100 GPU has significantly more on-chip memory, including a 40 MB Level 2 cache that is nearly 7 times larger than the previous generation, maximizing compute performance. The DGX A100 also introduces next-generation NVIDIA NVLink™, which doubles direct GPU-to-GPU bandwidth to 600 gigabytes per second (GB/s), nearly 10X higher than PCIe Gen 4, and a new NVIDIA NVSwitch that is 2X faster than the last generation.

This unprecedented performance delivers the fastest time-to-solution for training, inference, and analytics workloads, enabling users to address challenges that were not possible or practical before.

Unmatched Flexibility: New Multi Instance GPU (MIG) Innovation

Unmatched flexibility with Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) innovation that enables 7x inference performance per GPU and the ability to allocate resources that are right-sized for specific workloads.
MIG partitions a single NVIDIA A100 GPU into up to seven independent GPU instances. These run concurrently, each with its own memory, cache, and streaming multiprocessors. This allows the A100 GPU to provide guaranteed quality-of-service (QoS) at up to 7x higher utilization compared to previous GPUs.
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MIG partitions a single NVIDIA A100 GPU into up to seven independent GPU instances. These run concurrently, each with its own memory, cache, and streaming multiprocessors. This allows the A100 GPU to provide guaranteed quality-of-service (QoS) at up to 7x higher utilization compared to previous GPUs.
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With the DGX A100, you can use up to 56 MIG slices to solve problems with inflexible infrastructures and accurately allocate compute power to each workload. You no longer have to struggle to divide time on a box among multiple competing projects. With MIG on DGX A100, you have enough compute power to support your entire data science team.
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Low total cost of ownership: Universal AI platform

Unparalleled TCO/ROI metrics with all the performance of a modern AI data center at 1/10 the cost, 1/25 the space, and 1/20 the performance
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Today's AI data center
  • 25 Rack for training & inference
  • 630 kW
  • $11M
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DGX A100 Data Center
  • 1 rack (5 x DGX A100s)
  • 28 kW
  • $1M
Traditional AI infrastructures typically consist of three separate specialized clusters: training (GPU-based), inference (often CPU-based), and analysis (CPU-based). These inflexible infrastructure silos were never designed for the pace of AI. Most data centers dealing with AI workloads will likely find that these resources are either over- or under-utilized at any given time. The DGX A100 data center with MIG provides you with a single system that can flexibly adapt to your workload requirements.
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In many data centers, the demand for computing resources rises and falls, resulting in servers that are mostly underutilized. IT ends up having to buy excess capacity to protect against occasional spikes. With the DGX A100, you can now right-size resources for each job and increase utilization, which lowers TCO.

With DGX A100 data centers, you can easily adapt to changing business needs by deploying a single elastic infrastructure that is much more efficient.
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Why nvidia dgx ?

Almost every company recognizes the importance of AI for true business transformation. In a recent study, 84% of executives surveyed fear they will not achieve their growth goals if they do not scale AI. However, nearly 76% also said they are having trouble scaling AI in their business. Many companies are hindered by the complexity and cost of deploying the right infrastructure. For most organizations, one of the biggest AI challenges is finding AI infrastructure experts and implementing IT-proven platforms that deliver predictable and scalable performance. As a result, more and more enterprises are choosing NVIDIA's highly optimized DGX systems to power their infrastructures and enable their on-prem AI initiatives.
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Access to NVIDIA AI know-how
NVIDIA DGX systems come with direct access to NVIDIA AI experts trained on our in-house infrastructure, NVIDIA SATURNV. They have the most extensive track record of field-proven implementations, giving customers the fastest time to solution.
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Fully optimized, field-tested
NVIDIA DGX systems are AI supercomputers with a full-stack solution that integrates innovation and optimization across hardware and software. Thousands of customers have deployed DGX systems to date, including nine of the top 10 government institutions and eight of the top 10 universities in the US.
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Supported by the largest test site for AI
NVIDIA DGX SATURNV is the massive AI infrastructure where NVIDIA's most important work is done. With thousands of DGX AI systems, NVIDIA is constantly finding opportunities for improvements and enhancements that are then rolled out to DGX customers.
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Trusted infrastructure solutions
Only NVIDIA DGX offers the most comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure solutions built on the most trusted names in data center storage and networking, allowing customers to scale as their business grows.
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The easiest and fastest way to deploy AI
NVIDIA and its partners offer a full range of options, from DGX-as-a-Service to DGX colocation solutions to full-fledged DGX PODs deployed on-premise to help organizations deploy AI more easily, quickly and cost-effectively.