For today's consumers, the world is just a click away. The boom in online users has made the consumer internet industry one of the biggest adopters of machine learning, deep learning and data science. From recommendation services to intelligent chatbots to AI-optimized video conferencing, these capabilities require tools and infrastructure to be fast and smart. That's why leading companies are using NVIDIA solutions to leverage their data sets and deliver breakthrough products that shape the online experience.

Optimize AI models

In response to the explosion of different AI models and the resulting network complexity, NVIDIA's GPU-based SDKs centralize Deep Learning and machine learning modeling, training, and inference.


Data sets are not only growing faster and faster. They are also evolving into different formats with different quality, making GPU-accelerated data science critical for handling modern processing workloads.


Scaling infrastructure monitoring, management, and software deployments can be challenging. With NVIDIA GPUs, engineers can develop technical infrastructure and pipelines to support data.



From customized user interfaces to expert content and automated video production, NVIDIA GPUs help enhance the audience experience. Data scientists and engineers can improve viewer behavior and predict success through GPU-powered, real-time data analytics.

social media

With social media platforms, personalization and sharing is possible at scale. Advanced machine learning offers targeted advertising, job and product recommendations, suggests people who may be of interest to you, and curates specific posts in your feed.

E Commerce

From AI chatbots to intelligent assistants: NVIDIA GPUs enable natural language processing and conversational AI for a seamless and tailored shopping experience. Cybersecurity analysts can also use GPU technology to predict and prevent fraudulent online transactions.

Delivery services

Using graphics processor-based AI and robotics, delivery services can capture and analyze map and location data with algorithms to provide the most efficient and automated transportation route.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing providers can significantly improve streaming quality and offer advanced AI features such as ultra-high resolution, gaze correction, and live captioning thanks to a suite of GPU AI-powered tools


Conversational AI with NVIDIA Riva

NVIDIA Riva is a GPU-accelerated application framework for building AI services for multimodal conversations. Riva includes pre-trained conversational AI models, tools from the NVIDIA AI Toolkit, and optimized end-to-end services such as messaging services, voice assistants, and chatbots to automate communications and create personalized customer experiences at scale.

It combines visual, auditory, and other sensory capabilities as the foundation for call center assistants and other virtual assistants.

Recommendation systems with NVIDIA Merlin

NVIDIA Merlin is a framework for building high-performance, deep-learning-based recommendation systems. From personalized thumbnails to tailored recommendations for movies and TV shows to optimized end-to-end services such as messaging services, Merlin includes tools that provide better predictions of user preferences and behavior than traditional methods for increasing interaction rates.

Accelerated data science with RAPIDS

Data Science can lead to business insights faster, including in areas such as consumer behavior and predictive analytics. NVIDIA accelerated Data Science, based on NVIDIA® CUDA-X AI™ and powered by NVIDIA RAPIDS™ data processing and machine learning libraries, provides GPU-accelerated software for Data Science workflows that maximize productivity, performance, and ROI.
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AI-powered video conferencing with NVIDIA Maxine

With the NVIDIA Maxine™ AI Platform SDK, video conferencing providers can dramatically improve streaming quality in the cloud with super-resolution, gaze correction, live captioning, and more. In addition to reducing video bandwidth, the fully accelerated Maxine platform offers innovative features such as face alignment, noise removal, and virtual assistants.
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NGC Catalog: GPU optimized software

The NGC Catalog is a directory of GPU-optimized software for AI and HPC applications, pre-trained models, AI application frameworks, and helmet graphs. Enterprise-ready software from the NGC Catalog helps data engineers, data scientists, researchers, developers, DevOps, and system administrators accelerate time-to-solution and get solutions to market faster.
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Universal AI Workloads with NVIDIA DGX

The growth of AI-powered services in the consumer Internet industry is hampered by an explosion of complex AI models, larger data sets, and cumbersome deployment and management processes. These challenges result in slow computing architectures and high costs. NVIDIA DGX™ A100 provides IT directors, data scientists, and data engineers with a platform that can unify all AI workloads, simplify infrastructure, and accelerate ROI.
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GPU Cloud Computing

Consumer internet services are used globally and across multiple platforms. NVIDIA's GPU-accelerated solutions are available across all leading cloud platforms, enabling enterprises to scale and access massive computing power on-demand and with ease. The NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU accelerates cloud workloads, including high-performance computing, deep learning training and inference, machine learning, data analytics, and graphics. It enables enterprises to create new customer experiences that help make services more accessible and scalable.
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